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16 March 2009

Wow, we're going crazy inviting great members of our community to become part of DXSquad. The latest member to be invited is Chris Walsh, and, lawks, he accepted despite Brendon being there already.

Please join me in welcoming Chris to the team.

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Keith Puckett

Welcome Chris!

16 March, 2009
Dave Clark

"Lawks", has someone been reading Terry Pratchett?

16 March, 2009
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

When did I sign up for this abuse?

16 March, 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

Yay, woohoo, welcome, {pats himself on the back} Stick out tongue

16 March, 2009
richard morris

Welcome Chris, another Aussie  ... which would imply more tim-tams :)

16 March, 2009

Go Aussie!

16 March, 2009
Matthew Roberts

Congrats Chris!

Yeah, I'm a skippy too 8)

16 March, 2009
Steve Sharkey

Is this DevExpress's way of retreating some of their own resources from the forums? I'm not saying that I have a problem with that - it makes good business sense, it's just possibly sending the signal that DevExpress has got to the size where other companies have started to ignore their existing customer base. I would suggest that the next release appears to signal DevExpress are different as rather than a major round of New bits this has tidied up a lot of outstanding issues which indicates that you are still very much customer focussed I just want to ensure that you remain the excellent supplier that you have been (as well as grow of course).

17 March, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Steve: Huh? Er, no. It's a way of helping customers better, it's a way of rewarding those customers who help us help others, it's a way of promoting and enhancing our community, etc. DXSquad has been around since the very early days of DevExpress and we're recognizing that we should grow it and promote it better. There is no hidden agenda here.

Cheers, Julian

17 March, 2009
Alex Hoffman

Great Chris!  Does this mean you can now push for localised aussie southern hemisphere editions of DX products that run upside-down?

17 March, 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]


We run things the right way around, it is you, who is upside down Stick out tongue

18 March, 2009

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