So what do you think of DXperience v2009.1?

18 March 2009

The beta's out for our DXperience Enterprise and Universal customers, with all of its new features (some of which we've been talking about here) and new install (CodeRush and Refactor! Pro are now in the main install. W00t!). So, now that you've had it for a few days,  what do you think of it?

Cat uses a laptopTell you what. I went out and bought one of the new iPod Shuffles on Monday at my local Apple store, and I'm not particularly enamored with it (I'm not a fan of the Apple earbuds — my ears are a funny shape and they fall out — er, the earbuds, that is, not my ears — and of course the Shuffle is controlled through the earbud cord), so let my loss be your gain. Blog or Twitter or Facebook or post to whatever social network is your scene about your thoughts on DXperience v2009.1, send me the link (remember: it's, and I'll send the author of the best post this brand new iPod Shuffle. I just hope they don't have ears like mine.

By "best" of course, I mean to be entirely subjective -- Bwhahaha! -- but if I find there's more of you that qualify under that moniker, I'll use my company Amex and buy a couple more.

So get writing, get snapping those screenshots, get screencasting, get your cat to show us how easy it is to refactor code, whatever. Have some fun, show us what you like and maybe win an iPod Shuffle.

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