Great post on CodeRush/Refactor! Pro v2009.1

19 March 2009

Did we suddenly employ Rory Becker and no one told me? He's done a great write-up on his blog about CodeRush and Refactor! Pro v2009.1, beating out our own.

So, head on over there and read all about the new features in our IDE productivity tools while we scramble to write our own post. In fact, I would make a point of visiting it once a day — Rory keeps on updating it with new stuff as he finds it.

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Fred Beiderbecke

When will the beta be available for existing CodeRush/Refactor Pro! subscribers?

20 March, 2009
Jason Pettys

Same question as Fred; been using CR/RP for just about a year now and am definitely interested in trying out some new stuff.

20 March, 2009

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