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25 March 2009

TwitterBirdThere was an interesting article in the Financial Times this morning: "Small businesses find big value in Twitter" (reg. req.). The article is about how small tech companies in the UK are embracing Twitter as a medium to communicate with their customers, to monitor what's being said about them online, to track their competitors, but that larger companies are slower to jump on the bandwagon. Comparisons were made to the US, where the use of Twitter is more prevalent.

How did I find out about it? A friend twittered me the URL.

For those of you who are already on Twitter, you know that many of us at DevExpress are twittering already. Furthermore we have a company account which we use for company announcements and for re-twittering other tweets we find interesting. Our evangelists are monitoring keywords that deal with DevExpress so that we can immediately respond to issues being twittered by customers in (almost) real-time. We certainly feel that Twitter is a valuable addition to our marketing tools to reach out to possible and existing customers.

Here are the account names for us and our evangelists for you to follow to learn about DevExpress stuff and happenings as it happens. Scary, but sometimes you have to grasp the nettle Smile


@MehulHarry    @GaryShort    @JMBucknall    @RoryBecker   

@RachelHawley    @DXLight    @PKimmel    @MillerMark   

If you are not on Twitter yet, why don't you create an account and have a look at what it can do for you. Scott Hanselman had a real good post about how to use Twitter (and what all the jargon means) just recently.

So, please follow us and join in on the conversation!

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Rory Becker - DevExpress

So when is Mr Miller going to be on twitter..? Or is that too dangerous? :-)

25 March, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Rory: Mr Miller is already on Twitter, but hadn't updated in 6 months the last time we looked. He declared it too 'noisy' for everyday use. We can never remember his Twitter name, so we doubt he can either Smile.

Cheers, Julian

25 March, 2009
The One With

So I have resisted the twitter for some time now. Not because it isn’t cool. Because it is. Or as someone

26 March, 2009
CA Team Member

I have just started using it for a few weeks. Despite the fact that its widely mocked service, it might be very helful for the tech guys... something between IM and blogs... and its rapid...

27 March, 2009
Matthew Jones

Any VCL tweeters? Everyone listed seems to be .Net.

27 March, 2009

Unless you're lucky and have a real life, you'll know by now that we released v2009 vol 1 in

1 April, 2009
Richard Morris (DevExpress)

At one point (and pre-DX) Julian, Mark, Azret, Oliver, Mehul, and I all used to write VCL applications for a living, and we all tweet.

8 June, 2009

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