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02 April 2009

For fun, I quickly gathered some tweet-reviews of the first day of CodeRush 9.1:

GaryLCoxJr: It's official, I'm a useless programmer without CodeRush and RefactorPro! from @devexpress, damn space bar does nothing for me without it!

PaulLiebrand: @DevExpress I am having a good experience with the new #CodeRush update! Thank you for the update.

cneller: The new #devexpress #coderush installer just rocked my face off - awesome work guys!

rarous: Nový CodeRush a Refactor! Pro vypadá velice dobře, dnes jště projde zkoškou ohněm :)

RickStrahl: New CodeRush and Refactor installed. Lots of changes. Install was much imprved and seems VS startup is much faster now (was it that bad?)

remyvd: Deinstalling Resharper 4.5 beta and installing new version of CodeRush\Refactor

RoryBecker: ZOMG CodeRush 9.1 HTML templates and Navigation are brilliant -> (expand) - read this and weep.... With Joy :)

sethrowe: woot!! Just noticed the suggestions I made to the CodeRush crew are in the 9.1 build! Thanks @DevExpress

andrewconnell: Loving the new #coderush & refactor release (v9.1.2), much faster...

MihaMarkic: Watch out of redundant namespace declarations with CodeRush 9.1!

RoryBecker: I feel like kid in a candy store with all this new CodeRush and RefactorPro functionality :D

craignicol: New CodeRush/Refactor Pro! looks very cool. Wish I wasn't workng on SQL code at the moment so I could try it properly.

mstortz: Glomming new CodeRush features... mmmm

ByteMaster: The UX of the static code analysis w/ CodeRush 9.1 has the potential to be as big of a paradigm shifter as the 2x4 ;-)

ByteMaster: Man it's just like Christmas, CodeRush 9.1 dims unused variables to a light must install this version, I'm not kidding

robertlinton: #DevExpress CodeRush & Refactor Pro startup time is noticeably faster, much faster.

Remember, Mark blogged about the new features here.

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