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11 May 2009

We're gathering in the office, two minivans outside, doing those final little touches to make sure this conference goes well for us. We have a large booth for this show, and TechEd being one of the biggest technical conferences on the calendar (and packed, did I mention, packed) means that our people have been preparing for the past week to ensure that you'll be wowed with what we have, and ready to answer your questions. In a moment we'll be going downstairs and piling in and making the 15 minute drive from Glendale to the LA convention center downtown.

The booth has a small enclosed area so that we can talk privately with customers, influencers, and the press, but it also has 6 kiosks around the periphery so that we can do one-on-one presentations with interested attendees. Of course, no booth would be for real unless swag was being given away, and we have our new Eat-Sleep-Code t-shirts to give away as well as caps and some other stuff. So, if you're at TechEd, come on over to the exhibit hall and say hi. To make it easier to do this, this evening is the traditional Partner Reception where attendees get drinks and appetizers and can pester their favorite vendors for information, tips and tricks, and swag.

And expect us to be twittering and blogging throughout the next four days. Jeff, our videographer, and Amanda and Erica, our spokesmodels, will be wandering around the hall interviewing people and uploading those to DevExpress Channel.

See you there!

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Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

How about a "virtual" attending TechEd person, can I get a free shirt and cap? (happy to pay postage :)

Have fun guys, really wish I one day to make the trip over there and see first hand the "awesomeness" of the TechEd expo.

11 May 2009
J Rydmark
J Rydmark

I can only agree with @Michael. Would be so fun to be able to come over for a TechEd. But it's quite far away from Spain!

And I second the virtual attending thought too :-)

Good luck and have fun at TechEd!

12 May 2009

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