Stunning result: DevExpress wins 11 categories in asp.netPRO Readers' Choice Awards

11 May 2009

The news was just announced at Microsoft TechEd 2009: Developer Express came first in 11 categories in the asp.netPRO Readers' Choice Awards. Not one or two, but a whopping 11 categories. It's a stunning endorsement of our products, and we're gobsmacked (as they say in England).

  • Awards Best Add-In: CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET
  • Best Charting & Graphics Tool: XtraCharts Suite
  • Best Community Resource: DevExpress Community Site
  • Best Component Set: DXperience ASP.NET
  • Best Grid: ASPxGridView
  • Best Navigation Control: ASPxNavBar
  • Best Online Editor: ASPxHTML Editor
  • Best Printing/Reporting Tool: XtraReports Suite
  • Best Scheduling/Calendar Tool: ASPxScheduler
  • Best Utility: ASPxSpell Checker
  • Best Silverlight Control: AgDataGrid Suite

We're told that no other company came remotely close to this score. Wow.

We're extremely grateful to everyone of our customers who voted for us in the Awards, and in fact to every customer, period. It's customers like you that has made DevExpress the successful company it is today, and every one of you has helped influence the products that won.

We doff our collective hats to you (and if you're here at TechEd, come and have one of the doffed hats: we've got plenty).

(To the right: the obligatory cell phone camera shot of the plaque.)

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Geoff Davis

Well done guys (was routing for you) and to celebrate i've just renewed my yearly subscription to your Universal product :-). Ca-Ching!

Going on holiday to Menorca in the next couple of weeks so if you like; I could strut my stuff on the beach wearing one of your hats if you send me one. Heck i'll even send you a picture. Drop me a line ;-)

11 May, 2009


This awards are our too..

...because on this way... DevExpress is more compromised with customers... I hope that this awards becomes an incentive to continue your awesome efforts that all us can see in your components.

Cheers from Mexico

11 May, 2009

Yeah! DevExpress ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 May, 2009
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

LOL, the marketing people at asp.netPRO must be hating you guys, they probably had to re-design their plaque just so they could fit all the categories on it :)

Congrat on the award, umm.... seems like I just had a deja vu moment, I am sure I was saying the same thing last year ;)

11 May, 2009
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

Congrats guys, well deserved!!

11 May, 2009
Anwar Sayeed

Mabroooook (Congrats...)

Well done ... Dev Express deservs even more...

Congrats again...

12 May, 2009

Well ... can't exactly say i'm surprised. The tools simply rock!

12 May, 2009
J Rydmark

Congratulations! It's a awsome product line. Looking forward to what ever you have in the pipe-line for us!

12 May, 2009
Paul Rylance

Well done!! Not that there was ever any doubt in your minds or ours of course.

12 May, 2009

The first day of pretty much every technical conference is tiring, at least from the viewpoint of an

12 May, 2009

Congrats, guys! =)

12 May, 2009

Awesome! - Congrats!

Nice to see other geniuses out there...I would say all DX customers must be geniuses :)

12 May, 2009
Paul Kimmel (DevExpress)

Customers can come bye and get a picture with the plaque. Its not the Stanley Cup, but building products that our customers are passionate about rocks.

12 May, 2009
Gary's Blog

And we’re off! And off to a good start too with DevExpress scooping 11 awards . It was also a successful

12 May, 2009

Congrats - I have only been using DevExpress for a few months but I continue to be impressed with the product and the team behind it!

12 May, 2009
Alberto Cortes

Congratulations, Great!!!!

12 May, 2009
Robert Fuchs

> DevExpress wins 11 categories

That's because I voted twice.

Is this allowed? ;-)

12 May, 2009
Greffith Ponce

me too voting 4 times.. Anyway Congrats.

13 May, 2009

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