Microsoft TechEd 2009: Day 4

15 May 2009

As with all final days in an exhibit hall, TechEd day 4 was very quiet. Most of the attendees who wanted to speak with us had already spoken with us in the previous three days, and so it was a time for meeting up and chatting with friends popping by the booth. At about 2:15pm we drew for the Segway giveaways: many congratulations to the two winners.

The hours were curtailed as well: at 2:45pm, after not quite 4 hours, the attendees were chivvied out and the curtains were drawn and the carpet rolled up. Our booth was quickly stripped of audio and visual electronica and we packed our U-Haul with the remaining t-shirts and caps. At that point is was back to the hotel for a shower and a relaxing (and celebratory) cocktail leaving the disassembly of the booth itself to the experts.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to our booth and said hello. For all the people who weren't customers, remember the URL for your evaluation version, and for all the customers, thanks for being customers!

Next year, TechEd will be held in New Orleans, June 7-11. See you there.

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Luis Madaleno
Luis Madaleno

I am DX customer since 1999 or 2000. Can't remember. :)

And all these year it's being a pleasure to work with DX.

Great products, great support, great people.

I wish you have also a great and long future.

Congratulations for your awards and for your amazing work.

22 May 2009

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