What's New in Help

26 May 2009

The help documentation team has been busy implementing a new feature: What's New in Help. It's an online resource for discovering what has newly been published in the help system for our controls and frameworks.

For each major and minor release, we will flag the new content for all DXperience products and it will get published as a new page when that version is released. The What's New in Help will contain all new classes and custom documents, as well as any updated documents. Also, each item in this list will be a link to the corresponding topic in our online documentation.

The first release to get this feature is v2009.1.4, but from now on, all minor (and major releases) will get their own page. This is an ideal way for you to get the skinny on the new features and functionality without having to wade through all the help.


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Nice! :)

The think I still can't wait to see, however, is the "what's new" list using your own grid so I can sort / filter it's content. :)

27 May 2009

Valuable - thank you for doing this!  Definitely need a way of learning what's new between releases.  You came through again!

28 May 2009

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