DevExpress Newsletter 3: Message from the CTO

03 June 2009

Here's the Message from the CTO from the third DevExpress newsletter:

One of the banes of our industry is that there is no real, universally accepted, professional certification. As a consequence, we bandy around terms like expertise, craftsmanship, pragmatism, and the like, to try and elevate what we do to a level where we can call ourselves professionals.

However, I think there's one area we don't try very hard to be craftsmen: in general, we don't purchase our own tools. The tools for a professional developer run the gamut from the hardware we use (our PCs, in essence, but it can also cover buying our own keyboards and mice), to the extra software we use to create the applications.

I've been a proponent of buying my own PCs for years (I get what I want, not what the company decides), but I'm also a fan of purchasing my own software. If X helps me do my job better and faster, but the company balks at it, then I'll just go ahead and buy it. It's all part of being a craftsman: you make sure you have the toolset that makes you professional. Plus, you can take it with you to your next position and you have continuity.

Take your career into your own hands: spend some money on yourself.

Any comments? What do you think?

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