Sneak peek: Hit testing in XtraCharts v2009 vol 2 (WinForms charts)

10 June 2009

One of a series of posts on the new functionality that'll appear in DXperience v2009 vol 2. This is all pre-beta stuff, it'll probably be something like the end of the month before the beta is ready.

In this post, we'll look at a new feature for charting in Windows Forms: hit testing. This is the ability to ascertain what's under the mouse cursor without having to do something like click, so it's a mouse over or hover type event. With XtraCharts, we've gone the whole hog: you can literally hover over any element in the chart and your event handler will be called with information about what that element is. In the demo for this feature, we merely float a tooltip with the requisite information:

Hit testing in XtraCharts

We fire off events (and the corresponding data) for the diagram, the panes, the series, the data points, the axes, the titles, the labels, the legends, and so on.

Using this hit testing event, you can now more easily show additional information about your data points on the chart, for example, and reduce the "noise" in the chart itself by removing the series labels.

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Richard Morris (DevExpress)
Richard Morris (DevExpress)

What I am really looking forward to doing with this is building my own custom ways to "drill down" into data for the business information reports I build for my 'other' customer.

10 June, 2009

I feel like one of those newspaper boys on the streets in those old black-and-white newsreels: "Extra

12 June, 2009
Martin Hart
Martin Hart

Julian: Two of the things I would like in XtraChart hit testing is hit-test info for 3D pie charts and axis hit info for 2D bar charts.

Is this included in 9.2?


18 June, 2009

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