Sneak peek: Automatic date-time scales for charts (WinForms and ASP.NET)

12 June 2009

One of a series of posts on the new functionality that'll appear in DXperience v2009 vol 2. This is all pre-beta stuff, it'll probably be something like the end of the month before the beta is ready.

This new feature is cool (not that the others weren't of course). It lets the chart decide how best to display a date-time scale based in the input series data and automatically specify the DateTimeMeasurementUnit and DateTimeGridAlignment properties to give the optimal display for the space constraints of the chart. Give the chart more room and the date-time scale will automatically change to a finer resolution of the data.

Pictures are worth more than words. Here's a bar chart showing some data by year.

Chart by year

If I resize the window to give the chart more room, suddenly it'll decide that it can display the data by month instead.

Chart by month

This feature means that you don't have to decide a priori which date-time scale to use, or to provide an option for the end-user to switch scales. XtraCharts will do the heavy lifting.

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Boris Bosnjak

Very cool!  And practical :-)

12 June, 2009
Julio Delgado_1

Excellent keep does great features .... now we need zoom in and scrolling for ASP.NET

12 June, 2009
Reinhold Erlacher

I'd like to see zooming of the background image. Is there any plans to integrate this? Actually the background image can be set to automatic sizing. But I would like to zoom the image according to axis, so that a point located on a specific pixel does maintain this position relative to the background image.

14 June, 2009
Anuraag Sanwal

also is the basic feature of holiday gaps to be hidden automatically done now? especially useful for financial stock charts

17 June, 2009

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