Sneak peek EXTRA: Hit testing in ASP.NET charts too

12 June 2009

I feel like one of those newspaper boys on the streets in those old black-and-white newsreels: "Extra, extra, read all about it!"

Damon, the team lead on the XtraCharts team, informs me that the new hit-testing support works on web charts too. So, if you are using the ASP.NET side of XtraCharts, you will have hit-test events triggered on the diagram, the panes, the series, the data points, the axes, the titles, the labels, the legends, and so on.


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Julio Delgado_1
Julio Delgado_1

Excellents News thanks for the info I cannot wait to start using it.

12 June, 2009
Joe Hendricks
Joe Hendricks

Excellent!  I can definitely use this in our current project!

17 June, 2009

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