VCL 2009 roadmap

17 June 2009

Despite the replies I've posted in forum posts over the past few months about our VCL roadmap, they're proving hard to find. Indeed, I couldn't find my previous answers myself and I wrote them. Sigh. Someone needs to teach me how to add searchable keywords...

Anyway, a quick recap of the 2009 roadmap for VCL customers is in order:

  • ExpressQuantumTreeList v5 is almost done.
  • ExpressLayout Control v2
    • First beta will be released in Build 44
    • List of features will be published with Build 44 (I'll publish them in a blog post then)
    • Aiming for an August release
  • ExpressPrinting System v4
    • Beta in August
    • Release in September/October
    • Features include:
      • PDF support
      • Separate the ReportLink packages into design and runtime parts
      • Skinnable dialogs to bring visual consistency in skinned applications
      • Add the capability to display the Print Preview dialog using the Ribbon style (to bring visual consistency in Ribbon style applications)
      • Add the capability to print TcxLabel controls
  • ExpressQuantumGrid v7
    • Beta in Q4 perhaps.
    • Release late in the year, maybe next year
    • No official details on features yet

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