Layout control suite for VCL gets even better in beta 3

24 August 2009

Those crazy developers on our VCL team are not only going gangbusters on the new beta for ExpressPrinting System (see here and here), but they've also added yet more functionality for the next beta of v2 of the ExpressLayout Control. And indeed, in answer to your unspoken questions, this double dollop of good news within a week means the next build is getting pretty close.

Of course, as usual, many of these features are in response to your suggestions and feedback, so thanks to everyone who phoned, emailed, twittered, or filled in the online form. It is very much appreciated and we thank you.

New in Beta 3

Multiple Undo/Redo Support. At runtime, end-users can sequentially undo/redo operations by clicking the corresponding buttons within the Customization Form.


In code, you can use members of the layout control’s UndoRedoManager property to manage undo/redo operations. The following code snippet demonstrates how to undo all operations:

while layoutControl.UndoRedoManager.CanUndo do

Item Caption Image (S31729). You can now provide an image to go along with the text for the item caption. There are two display options:

  • Assign an image via the layout item's CaptionOptions.Glyph property.
  • Provide an image list via the layout control's OptionsImage.Images / OptionsImage.DisabledImages properties and specify an image from the list via the layout item's CaptionOptions.ImageIndex property.


You can show or hide the image using the layout item's CaptionOptions.VisibleElements property.

• The enabled state of layout items and linked controls is now synchronized (S33110).

• The Customization Form now supports skins and look and feel styles (S132118). This completes the look and feel support that was introduced in Beta 1.


Other features in ExpressLayout Control Suite v2

For information on what else has already been added to v2 of the layout control, please check out Emil's blog post from last June.

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