Two great new additions to our DXSquad family

18 September 2009

DXSquad is our team of proven developers who are gracious enough to help us and our customers on our forums and in the wider DevExpress community. It's a rare honor to be invited into the ranks (I'm not a member, for example, that's how difficult to get in), and I have the privilege to announce that we have added not one, but two new members.

Please join me in welcoming Apostolis Bekiaris (known as Tolis) and Gary Cox (known as, er, well, Gary) to the team. If you've been using our forums for a while I'm sure you've come across these two posting away like crazy, only now they can do it with the DXSquad badge prominently displayed. (We do have a badge, don't we, Max?)

So welcome Tolis and Gary!

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Yes, welcome and thanks for your help on the forums, blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.

Also, be sure to check out their blogs:

Apostolis Bekiaris:

Gary Cox:

18 September, 2009

WELCOME Apostolis and Gari!!!

Congratulations... All effort.. has results....

18 September, 2009
Robert Fuchs

Glad to see two XAFers added!


18 September, 2009

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