Sneak peek: New improvements to 3D charts in v2009.3

01 October 2009

(UPDATE: Man, my notes suck. These images are from XtraCharts, not DXCharts for WPF. Sigh.)

Damon, the lead of our charting team, finally relented after I'd pestered him for a while and sent me some screenshots of some new 3D bar series views that will be appearing in DXCharts for WPF XtraCharts. They're all stacked bar views, and the images show off the different bar models. These will be appearing in v2009.3 in November/December.

The box model:


The conical model:


The cylindrical model:


Finally, the pyramidal model:


It's well worth clicking on each and looking at the large image. The attention to detail they've demonstrated is incredible.

Of course, this is not the only new stuff to appear in our charting products. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks.

On the fifth day of DevExpress Christmas, the XtraReports team gave me snap lines

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Robert Fuchs

> It's well worth clicking on each and looking at the large image.

The "large" image has the same size ;-)

1 October, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Robert. Yeah I know. Some bizarro interaction between Windows Live Writer and Community Server. Ruddy annoying, but C/S doesn't do well with WLW editing existing posts so I'm trying to find a way of fixing it without having to delete the post and start over...

Cheers, Julian

1 October, 2009
Nicholas York

Hopefully some of the "new stuff" for xtracharts are "accepted, tbds":

S90587, DS19960, DS18467, DS3489, S90822, AS14348, S20256

1 October, 2009
Paul Talbot

Has the way in which the user interacts with the graph been improved?  Once you start moving around the 3D graph it becomes incredibly difficult to get the graph back into a position where it becomes useful.

I would also like to see a zoom feature added to the middle mouse button, I would even accept holding CTRL to zoom etc.

2 October, 2009
David Wilkinson

Paul, we found the same issue so in the end provided a button that resets the angle back to the default.

Also did u realise the mouse fly wheel can zoom the chart in & out?

with regards to the "new stuff", fingers crossed for S132364 which will help me update the nice DX ZoomTrackBar in my form statusbar :)

7 October, 2009
David Zhang_3

No 3D surface?

7 October, 2009

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