Another Aussie for DXSquad: @aussiealf

15 October 2009

DXSquad is our team of proven developers who are gracious enough to help us and our customers on our forums and in the wider DevExpress community. It's a rare honor to be invited into the ranks. (I'm not a member, for example, that's how difficult it can be to get in. Oliver, though, was a member but was forced to resign. We don't like to talk about it.)

Today we invited Michael Proctor (aka @aussiealf on Twitter) to join DXSquad and he was swayed enough by the tin DXSquad badge (free shipping to mainland USA) to say yes. If you've not heard of him, it's because you don't frequent the XPO forum; for if you did, you'd know him extremely well.

Welcome, Michael!

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Congrats Michael!

Btw, check out his blog:

He has a funny slogan there...

"Shhh…. IT in progress"

15 October, 2009
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

Glad and proud to be aboard.

Very glad I chose DevExpress about 4 years ago for my component suite, haven't had a need to purchase any other UI/ORM component suite since. I do feel that the diversity of the DX suite (All-In-One Win UI/Web UI/WPF UI/SL UI/ORM) and the large support network both Official and Community is what makes DevExpress the best out there.

Umm... Julian, should i ask any of the US squad members for a photo of their DXSquad badge? ;)

15 October, 2009
Jim Clay


Good choice Julian - Michael deserves it.

15 October, 2009
Mark Chimes

Congratulations Michael,

As one who has benefitted many times from your support and advice, I think this is a worthy accolade.

15 October, 2009
Richard Morris (DevExpress)

wooot more Aussies - welcome Michael :)

16 October, 2009
Woohoo I am apart of the DevExpress DX-Squad « ALFWare IT Services

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16 October, 2009
Robert Fuchs

A truly good choice...

18 October, 2009

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