Sneak peek: enhancements for charts in WPF in v2009.3

16 October 2009

The Charts team hit code freeze this week, ready for v2009.3, so we now know for certain what is going to be in the release. Consequently, feast your eyes on these new features for DXCharts for WPF.

Firstly, we have titles for the axes in both 2D and 3D charts. Here's a 3D stacked area chart showing such a title on the y-axis, the values axis.


Next up, we've added custom draw capabilities. To see this, here's an unadorned bar chart:


Now we'll color the bars according as to whether the bar height is less than 1.0, between 1.0 and 2.0, or greater than 2.0:


Note we're also changing the bar label as well.

The third feature is support for empty points within a series (that is, data points with no values). Here's an area chart in 2D, with both the "Entertainment" and "Travel" series missing some data points:


And here's a 3D area chart showing similar data:


Fourth, we've added a Date/Time scale for the y-axis, the values axis. This example has the values axis displayed horizontally:


On the tenth day of DevExpress Christmas, I had fun with colors and themes in WPF with Julian Finally, we've added the series point Tag property. This works in a similar way to the same feature in XtraCharts: you write a handler for the CustomDrawSeriesPoint event and the eventargs has the SeriesPoint object, whose Tag property you can now set. Here's an example, showing the legend being more informative than the x-axis labels.


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks over the coming days and weeks.

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Kai Fjellstadsveen
Kai Fjellstadsveen

Way to go DevEx guys. I already have a feature where I'll use the Date/Time scale. And everything looks incredible nice and cool !

17 October 2009

silverlight ?

17 October 2009
Junior Thurler
Junior Thurler

I really think that XtraCharts is a excelent product, but, in my opinion, like every product from DevEx (all of then are really goods), I miss some simple demos examples! If a beginner programer (even with some experience with .NET) see the demos from DevEx, he/she will be impressioned by the quality of the softwares and the demos prograns, and the high quality of the demos program.

But in my opinion DevEx must provide another simple demos to us implement in our system quickly, because if we try to see a demo source code for implement a feauture on our system, we often can´t do that because they are too complex code to understand (it´s not a problem with the high level of the OOP implemented, but at first look it´s hard to understand and to get all the features implemented in code).

And I think that could be added more documentation from the products in a way we could learn the products and their capabilities like a book, instead of a technical manual of the classes and members (which is helpful too), but at first use the components needs to be more easier to be implemented and after some time we could implement a more complex code to it. Maybe a PDF version so we could leave that to the bed before sleep and learn more about the products.

I use DevEx since VCL Components 1.0 and I LOVE the components... Congratulations for the excelent work !!!

19 October 2009

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