Sneak Peek: custom tooltips with ASP.NET scheduler

28 October 2009

This is part of a series of blog posts in the new features in DXperience v2009.3. This time it's the turn of our ASPxScheduler control.

We've added the ability to create custom tooltips with ASPxScheduler. Here's an animated GIF showing the feature in action, creating and deleting an appointment.


On the second day of DevExpress Christmas, Rachel announced the name of a new WPF control

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Steven Rasmussen

Hmmm... the animated gif wasn't very animated for me.  Just a still image...

29 October, 2009
Steven Rasmussen

O.k.  So I just needed to reload the page to get it to run again.  Maybe you could set it up on a loop?  I had opened up several pages at a time so by the time I had gotten to this page the animation was already done.  Just a suggestion.

29 October, 2009

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