Sneak peek: More fun with colors and themes in WPF

28 October 2009

Last week I published a blog post showing off our new color scheme customization dialog in WPF, with only a single example: blue to pink.

Well, Mike, our lead graphics designer, positively chortled with glee, locked himself in the office for 30 minutes with the app (and it was his turn to fill the coffee maker as well) and came out with these. I think their naming took longer than creating them. I present them with no comment, apart from saying they possibly still need some tweaks.

However, I just have to say that these new examples are a direct reflection of just how easy it is to use the color scheme customization dialog. Especially if you're Mike.



Dark Side:


Lilian (very similar to our WinForms skin of the same name):


Soft Green:


Old Windows:


Windows Se7en:


4 comment(s)
Steve Sharkey

Yes yes yes we like - but please a WinForms theme generator of this nature....

29 October, 2009
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

I start to like the WPF look and feel: no more silly (dare I say stupid) rounded corners.

Was it just me ?

29 October, 2009
Christoph Brändle

i love rounded corners, not silly at all

29 October, 2009
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

@Christoph: maybe I am not enough used to i?

29 October, 2009

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