Eiríkur Nilsson wins Beatles RockBand contest!

19 November 2009

Kevin taking down Eiríkur's contact detailsThis PDC we've been running a contest: try and beat Mark in writing a useful control. The catch is that you have to write your code using Visual Studio only (so, using Intellisense, snippets, VS' refactorings if needed) whereas Mark is using CodeRush, albeit with an Xbox guitar and no keyboard. If the contestant beats Mark, they win a full Beatles RockBand game. Just for competing the contestant gets a $50 iTunes card.

During our rehearsals last week, Mehul managed to write the code required in about 2 minutes 20 seconds and Mark was always a few seconds faster. So we thought we'd be pretty safe, and the past two days of contests has borne this assumption out.

Of course, anything can happen on the last day, and through some virtuoso typing, Eiríkur Nilsson managed to implement the working control a couple of seconds faster than Mark.

An awesome result from Eiríkur, and, to cap it all, he asked to swap his RockBand prize for a free license of CodeRush!

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Rory Becker - DevExpress

So Eirikur Nilsson has teh mad skillz to beat Mark without CodeRush.

So what does he do having won? Requests to swap out Beatles Rock band for a copy of CodeRush.... Mad Skillz and good taste .. I'm impressed.

19 November, 2009
Jim Clay

Imagine what kind of coding he will be able to get done now WITH CodeRush!

19 November, 2009
Mattias Olsson

I would love to see a video!

23 November, 2009

I would never swap this!!!

No social life man!!!!

23 November, 2009

Me too , I would love to see a video!

28 November, 2009

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