Strong sales of Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls

20 November 2009

image We had a bit of a shock this morning when checking out the Amazon sales rank for Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls. Here's the evidence:


Also, briefly, we broke in the top 100 for "Computers and Internet". Unfortunately we didn't see it: someone else emailed us the news.

But, at any rate, these sales are astounding!

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Abaid-ur-Rehman Zulfi

Getting extraordinary sales for such a special book is not amazing. I got it yesterday evening( i am in uk) and read three-chapters till now although I am doing full-time job. The book is very useful and really adds value to professionalism.

20 November, 2009
Ken Tucker

The book is great so I am not suprised either.  I hope that will be a windows forms and wpf/silverlight version of the book someday

21 November, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

i Agree Ken a winforms book would sell very well if it covered a from scratch commercial application that covered many areas.

21 November, 2009
Jaben Cargman

Funny you guys didn't put a link to it here in the is post. :)

21 November, 2009
David Dillon

I started reading mine on the plane from PDC.  My seat companion was reading (or perhaps re-reading) The Da Vinci Code.  I mentioned my book was also about code, but better written, fewer murders, and with pictures.  Don't know if I sold them on it, but glad to see there are good sales considering the effort made to complete the book before PDC and without falling behind many software versions.

21 November, 2009
Saif Khan

100+ agree with @Ken Tucker " I hope that will be a windows forms and wpf/silverlight version of the book someday".....Winform will still be around for a long time.

24 November, 2009
Saif Khan

Just placed my order via Amazon!

24 November, 2009

+1 agree for a WinForms version!

24 November, 2009
Steve Schultz

I would also definitely purchase a WinForms version.

25 November, 2009
Robin Grayson

I had the book on order with Amazon from the initial announcement - they delivered it on Friday and left it "in a secure sheltered place".

Turns out the "secure sheltered place" was at the side of the house, and the only packaging was the amazon cardboard surround.  Unfortunately we were away for the weekend and the great British weather now seems to have disintegrated the packaging and ruined the book!

Amazon have refunded, but my book is ruined and because of the fantastic sales they have NONE LEFT IN STOCK Arrrrrgh!!

Looks like a great book though ... now to find another copy somewhere....

25 November, 2009

Thank you in advance for your quick answer !. Very nice post.

29 November, 2009
Zelkas Evripidis

Of course I bought it, would love one for WinForms +1

21 January, 2010

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