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11 December 2009

RoadmapWe've reached lunchtime on the last day of our DevExpress Summit. The Summit is the occasion where, every year, around the New Year, the management, team leads, and evangelists all meet together, listen and watch each other's presentations about where we are, and where we'd like to be, and discuss the proposed features and enhancements for the upcoming year. Of course, this time around, it's all about the Roadmap for 2010.

When we published the 2009 Roadmap, we decided to experiment and release it as a series of blog posts as and when we decided on a particular platform or product suite. Although this meant that customers got the news hot off the presses before the ink had even dried, it did have the consequence that a couple of months into the year, finding the "Roadmap" turned into a longwinded exercise in searching the Community site. We received a lot of feedback throughout 2009 that this was, shall we say, not the most stellar decision we ever made. Well, you've got to experiment to improve things and you've got to move on if the experiment fails.

This year then, we are reverting to the "old" style of publishing a roadmap: posting a single web page on our main site. That's why we've been mostly silent through the whole week — at least compared with last January.

My job Monday is to amalgamate all my notes and all the Powerpoint slidedecks into a coherent narrative that describes the whole DevExpress Roadmap for 2010. I'll be circulating it to everyone here so that they can check their sections (heaven forbid I add something on the sly Wink), and so it should be published Wednesday or Thursday. Of course, I'll announce it here, and it will be prominently displayed on the home page.

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Ezra Weinstein

As long as it includes the editor getting table support, I'm good :)

11 December, 2009
Deepak Mehta

ANd also please include WPF/Silver light front end for XAF

11 December, 2009
Abaid-ur-Rehman Zulfi

Don't forget to include "Item Template" in ASPxComboBox in your road map.

12 December, 2009
Alan Schrank

I'm glad you are going back to the old format roadmap.

12 December, 2009
Ferruh Köroğlu  (real) RibbonBar Menu !

Like Winform.

Best Regards.

12 December, 2009
Burak Gelegen

Will more mvc common controls be included in v2010.x  ?

13 December, 2009
Juan Carlos Guzmán

Please include the style of the button on the Ribbon in Office 2010 and main tab. Thank you.

13 December, 2009
Juan Carlos Guzmán

Please add full dock panel to windows form.

13 December, 2009
Vladimir Sharikov

Please, implement MVC support.


13 December, 2009

MVC project for XAF

13 December, 2009
Steve Sharkey


You shouldn't has said anything about slipping something extra in you've encouraged these pleadings for "don't forget this or that" you do realise now that if it doesn't include this or that people will say dx don't listen to their customers. Come on people the lobbying should have been done BEFORE their week long deliberations so the programme of changes could be thought through - have you not tried adding that last minute feature yourselves and got your fingers burned?

14 December, 2009

I know its too late, but please add code highlighting in script editors!!!

14 December, 2009
Grant Dunoon

Please if I could have one Xmas wish: drag and drop reordering of rows in ASPxGridView. And if I may indulge in a second wish, one for the future: client side cache of XtraReports pages in the aspx page.

15 December, 2009
André Matos

Steve... your comment was, let's say, rude.

Sounds like customers have to "beg" DevExpress for some feature, and if they haven't done it until last week, well they willl just have to wait until 2011.

And don't forget that comments in blog posts are a very easy way to get in touch with customers. Treating customer's opinion like "pleadings" or "lobbying" it's a great way to desencourage people to express their opinion.

16 December, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

All: As Steve said, it's a bit late to make your requests now Smile. We spent the whole week last week in each other's company hammering out the details of the roadmap, and indeed spent the previous couple of weeks researching the needs, wants, suggestions and feedback, so that we could put forward certain features above others. From all that hard work preparing and discussing, I think we've distilled an extremely good roadmap for 2010.

Anyway, due to a personal emergency, I didn't manage to work on the document the first couple of days this week, so we're slightly delayed. We should be publishing it next week. Count it as an slightly early Christmas present Wink.

Cheers, Julian

16 December, 2009
Ali Davachi

Hi Julian,

Any update on the roadmap?

Have a great New Year!


26 December, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Ali (and everyone else): I've written the roadmap and it's now being reviewed by the teams. It's somewhat long, as can be expected, and we're looking into ways to convey the major points as an "executive summary". Never fear though, the full detail will also be published.

Cheers, Julian

28 December, 2009

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