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11 December 2009

RoadmapWe've reached lunchtime on the last day of our DevExpress Summit. The Summit is the occasion where, every year, around the New Year, the management, team leads, and evangelists all meet together, listen and watch each other's presentations about where we are, and where we'd like to be, and discuss the proposed features and enhancements for the upcoming year. Of course, this time around, it's all about the Roadmap for 2010.

When we published the 2009 Roadmap, we decided to experiment and release it as a series of blog posts as and when we decided on a particular platform or product suite. Although this meant that customers got the news hot off the presses before the ink had even dried, it did have the consequence that a couple of months into the year, finding the "Roadmap" turned into a longwinded exercise in searching the Community site. We received a lot of feedback throughout 2009 that this was, shall we say, not the most stellar decision we ever made. Well, you've got to experiment to improve things and you've got to move on if the experiment fails.

This year then, we are reverting to the "old" style of publishing a roadmap: posting a single web page on our main site. That's why we've been mostly silent through the whole week — at least compared with last January.

My job Monday is to amalgamate all my notes and all the Powerpoint slidedecks into a coherent narrative that describes the whole DevExpress Roadmap for 2010. I'll be circulating it to everyone here so that they can check their sections (heaven forbid I add something on the sly Wink), and so it should be published Wednesday or Thursday. Of course, I'll announce it here, and it will be prominently displayed on the home page.

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