Build 48 of the VCL subscription published

07 January 2010

In case you missed the announcement email that was sent out, Build 48 of the VCL subscription has now been published.

The big new feature of this build is ExpressPrinting System v4. We've been blogging about the new enhancements in this release since we published it in beta (here and here, for example), and it's now fully released. The new features include:

  • PDF Export. Reports can now be exported to PDF. A full set of options are available, including compression, font embedding, security.
  • Print Preview Dialog style options. Choose between standard, advanced, ribbon styles. The ribbon style is new.
  • Skins and Look-And-Feel styles for built-in dialogs. The built-in dialogs now support your application's skin.
  • Many other miscellaneous features.

Apart from ExpressPrinting System v4, there are many changes, fixes, and enhancements to other VCL controls, including the grid, the bars suite, the skinning library, the tree list, the layout control, and so on.

For the full list of changes please review the What's New here. Note that there are also some breaking changes. Please review that list here.

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