Great review/intro to CodeRush's Test Runner, in French

28 January 2010

All this blogging in French on my part got Christian Ista (twitter: @christianista) to review the new Test Runner feature in CodeRush. In French. Let's put it like this: he's much better at it than I am Smile.

It's a great synopsis of the new functionality and, as Christian points out, it's available in version 9.3.2 without any increase in price for all CodeRush users, providing of course that their subscription has not lapsed. It is not available in our free CodeRush Xpress. Christian also gives a well-deserved shout-out to the CodeRush/DXCore Community Plug-ins site on Google Code.

Not only that, but Christian recorded a quick screencast showing the feature in action. You can read his blog post and see the video here.

In unrelated news, I now know that "unit tests" is "tests unitaires" in French, "status bar" is "une barre d'états", "failed test" is either "test défectueux", "test en échec" or simply "test raté". (Magic, I really like that last one.) My technical French is getting better... Thanks Christian.

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Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs

Can you eventually point me to a blog in ancient Latin? ;-)

I've learned this for 6(!) years in school.

And only 2 years of French.

And a whopping 8 years of English!

28 January 2010

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