Still problems with ISupportInitialize and VS2010 RC

16 March 2010

As part of the check-in process for Code Freeze for the next major release, the WinForms team did some more testing with Visual Studio 2010. And, lo and behold, there were still problems with the code that the designer in VS2010 RC produces. (I talked about a similar problem back in the PDC ’09 timeframe.)

Here’s a simple scenario, using our not-quite-in-beta v2010.1 controls:

  1. Create a new WinForms 4.0 project using the Client Profile (to repro with v2009.9, you’ll have to use the full profile)
  2. Drop an XtraGrid control on the form
  3. Change view type from GridView to LayoutView

If you now check the designer.cs file, you’ll only see one call to BeginInit() for the grid instead of the expected three. Before you say, well, duh, it’s a problem in the grid code, it’s reproduceable with the standard datagrid. Just assign a new datasource, for example, and you’ll have a similar code serialization issue.

In practice what this means is if you open an existing form with a grid, change the view type, and save, you’ll get a form that will cause all kinds of errors when you next open it. It will be hosed, to put it mildly.

Now, all is not lost despite the RTM date for VS2010 only being 4 weeks away. It seems that a later non-public RC release has solved this issue. We are continuing to test our controls with these slip-streamed releases as and when we get them.

So, if you are using VS2010 RC for your production code, please make sure you maintain a strict software check-in policy, so that you can revert to an earlier version in case of problems.

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Aaron Smith

I have been using VS2010 since Beta 1 in a production environment. Beta 1 was kinda slow. Beta 2 was much better, and seemed pretty stable. There were a few quirks here and there.

However, I am really disappointed in the RC. While performance has been great, they broke ALOT of things that were working fine in the beta's. Both of which are pretty important.

1. In ASP.Net web app projects, if you had a control in a control (wizard with controls on it) the designer file wouldn't be populated with the controls inside the control. Instantly breaking any page I edited. Luckily they pushed out an update that fixes this.

But then I got this:

2. Trying to edit some JavaScript and debug it, guess what? No debugger in JavaScript even though it's enabled in IE and in the IDE. Other breakpoints work, just nothing in JavaScript.

When I was using Beta 2, I couldn't wait for release... Now after using the RC, I think they need to slow down and not worry about the small launch window......

16 March, 2010
Daniel Rieck IMC

Thanks for the update, I was going to upgrade my projects to 2010 RC next week...

16 March, 2010
David Rodriguez

We´ll wait for the final release and SP1 of the VS2010 to change.....

On the other hand, we are looking forward to hering the 2010.1 version of DevExpress.

Go ahead boys.... Don´t waste a minute....

16 March, 2010
Lex Li

I think the extra RC build worths the while, as so many new issues and old ones are discovered and tuned. Hope the RTM build be a success to everyone.

16 March, 2010
Boris Bosnjak

In step 1 you specifically mention the Client Profile.  Does that mean it does work okay for the Full Profile?

16 March, 2010
Nate Laff

I think he was more hinting that they've managed to get DX winform controls to work in client profile. As he then mentions you have to use full profile for previous versions and the mythical 9.9 :)

16 March, 2010
Denny Upadhyaya

There are several post RC patches here:

We had some real problems with the designer.cs file like you said - it would not create classes for nested controls. Using patches fixed and DevX controls working great so far (9.3.3)

17 March, 2010

Aaron for #2, if its any consolation, IE8's web developer tools has a nice JS debugger, which i think i prefer using compared to VS2005 (i skipped 2008)

I'm hoping that 2009.1 DX controls works great in VS2010 on day of release to MSDN (thanks to BizSpark), cause i want to jump on that asap and then jump to .Net4 soon after.

20 March, 2010

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