.NET 4 Client Profile: the good news and the bad news

22 March 2010

Block by block Way back in October last year, I discussed the .NET 4 Client Profile, the cut-down .NET Framework that will be the default framework target for new solutions in Visual Studio 2010. Since VS2010 is less than a month away from release (at least for MSDN subscribers), I thought it best to bring you up to date with our progress on this front.

As is traditional in these affairs, I’ll introduce it through sections labeled Good news and Bad news.

The Good news

We shall fully support the .NET 4 Client Profile with DXperience v2010 vol 1. That is, if you create a default app in VS2010 with v2010.1 installed, all of our WinForms and WPF controls will be visible and enabled in the toolbar. They will all work with the .NET 4 Client Profile. Hooray!

The Bad news

XtraCharts, because it targets both ASP.NET and WinForms applications, uses System.Web in its common assemblies in version 2009.3 and earlier. System.Web is not part of the Client Profile. So, we had a choice: shrug our shoulders and say, “creating charts in your app? Use the full framework.” or modify XtraCharts to remove the dependency. We opted for the latter. Many reasons I suppose, among them being XtraCharts also broke XtraReports, and new customers evaluating our charting and/or reporting products would probably get weird errors and/or non-working apps by default. For the latter: ouch, ouch, ouch. Like everyone in business, we depend on getting new customers for our growth and survival and the smoother we make the evaluation path, the better.

I hasten to add that this decision was hard to make and there were good arguments for both sides. It’s a measure of how difficult it was that it was only finalized just recently, within the last week. Indeed, it seems that XtraScheduler was also on the ‘bad news’ list until the end of the week, but the team thinks they’ve resolved their issues without any further problem.

What this means for our current customers though is that XtraCharts will have breaking changes, whether you use VS2010 or not. We’re investigating altering our Project Converter to modify your aspx files, since it’s these that will break most easily.

I’ll have more news as and when these changes have been made and fully tested and once our parser guys have investigated the Project Converter and ASPX files.

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