DevExpress support for Visual Studio 2010

03 May 2010

This has come up a couple of times, so it’s best I clear up what we’re doing about supporting Visual Studio 2010 before we release DXperience v2010.1 (and that is so close I can taste it all the way over here in Colorado from Glendale). I think it’s best expressed as a flowchart-y thing.

1. Are you using Visual Studio 2010? If yes, goto 2. If no, goto 3.

2. You need DXperience v2010.1 (or later, obviously). Earlier versions of DXperience will not work with VS2010. We’ll be releasing this version any moment now (so I’m told). Goto 5.

3. Are you writing Silverlight and/or WPF applications? If yes, goto 4. If no, goto 5.

4. You need to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010. Really. No kidding. It’s an order of magnitude better. Apart from that, the thing is that we’ve rewritten our WPF and Silverlight controls to use a common core codebase, and this common codebase as well as the new designers require .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010. So if you are writing Silverlight and/or WPF applications, upgrade to VS2010 and goto 1.

5. That’s it.

I hope that clears it all up...

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