DevExpress support for Visual Studio 2010

03 May 2010

This has come up a couple of times, so it’s best I clear up what we’re doing about supporting Visual Studio 2010 before we release DXperience v2010.1 (and that is so close I can taste it all the way over here in Colorado from Glendale). I think it’s best expressed as a flowchart-y thing.

1. Are you using Visual Studio 2010? If yes, goto 2. If no, goto 3.

2. You need DXperience v2010.1 (or later, obviously). Earlier versions of DXperience will not work with VS2010. We’ll be releasing this version any moment now (so I’m told). Goto 5.

3. Are you writing Silverlight and/or WPF applications? If yes, goto 4. If no, goto 5.

4. You need to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010. Really. No kidding. It’s an order of magnitude better. Apart from that, the thing is that we’ve rewritten our WPF and Silverlight controls to use a common core codebase, and this common codebase as well as the new designers require .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010. So if you are writing Silverlight and/or WPF applications, upgrade to VS2010 and goto 1.

5. That’s it.

I hope that clears it all up...

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Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

You forgot the GOTO END: :P

3 May, 2010

I guess that are forcing that all customers migrate to VS2010 to enjoy Silverlight and WPF technologies. Many companies and developers commonly wait to "see" how impact a new version of Visual Studio before to migrate. This migrating process to 2010 is a risk yet.. not for production projects .. or... how to get new updates and fixes for this development environments?..


3 May, 2010
Rennie Petersen

FopCop (flowchart optimization cop) says: Replace "goto 1" in step 4 with "goto 5".

3 May, 2010
Paul Talbot

I can't get this code to work, do I need vs2010?

4 May, 2010
michael iacoviello

So which statement is correct, the one where you say that VS 2010 is now supported for all components:

Or the one made today where you say you must upgrade to use the components?  This makes no sense.

4 May, 2010
Roland Beenhakker

Must say we use VS2010 with v 2009.2, and it works! However as soon as 2010.1 is released we will upgrade. Read some trouble with Xtrareports and Charts we currently don't use.

4 May, 2010
Rory Becker - DevExpress

@michael The statement you refer to only takes ASP.Net controls into account.

DX have many other products in DXPerience.... Silverlight, WPF, Winforms, XPO, XAF etc

4 May, 2010

In other words and this is a very reallistic view to things is simply only in case that one is going to develop with Silverlight or WPF the upgrade of the Visual Studio is required.

In all other cases it is optional.

The discusstion last time was the other way around ... this can be little confusing. -->  from the statement: "You can install Winforms and Components from 2010.1" into VS 2008 ... this did not imply that they are already available for VS 2010 in the context of the thread. This is out of doubt now.

This means in the end to have to go for WPF and Silverlight with .net version 4.

So one question - Can one compile a WPF application against the .net 3.5 Framework with VS 2010 and dxexperience 2010.1? If not, this would mean that people will have to port. In case of this I'm sure this will not be the big issue.

4 May, 2010
Paulo Aboim Pinto

Can you say when you will be able to release the 2010 version of DevExpress?

4 May, 2010
Robert Beaubien

So much for the "releasing any moment" thought!  :-)

(Not complaining, just found it comical)

4 May, 2010
Michael Thuma

@Michael P:

I agree - I have another example.

Assuming that one takes all devexpress offers VCL as well as the whole .net stuff - this costs less in 40 - 50 years (Mid Europe) salary of  - assuming that you find one - a developer/architect he/she is simply not finished after one year or one year and a half;-).

It makes sense to have things on one codebase and if the people say: "We don't ship it this way" and management is listening to this is a lot better sign than - "We must have it out because our customers want to have their 4 Volumes a year". Concerning WPF and SL - it simply did not make sense to jump on a train that was not even on rails. Especially with WFP and Silverlight if one is thinking into direction of visual composition there will have to be lots of components on one solid underlying.

On VS2010 - guys. Yes it is something good, it will make lots of people happy and there is for sure a movement in the area of enterprise apps that Silverlight can be the choice (e.g. SAP's client for Business by Design - Client for the SaaS way to run an SAP system), RIA is a second argument.

@Vojko, Cesar: I think 4 Volumes a year are to many - I do not believe in the "90 day promise" which came up in the 90s or last decade for enterprise projects in big companies. One a year - we are far away from this.

6 May, 2010

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