Rebuild·Restore·Renew: The house three weeks on

03 July 2010

imageSteve Andrews, who helped us on our building day for the DevExpress’ house in New Orleans, is moving from Philly to Seattle. For some reason, spread with awesomeness and dipped in brilliance, he’s taking a whole month over it by driving there visiting as many user groups as he can and by what seems the most circuitous route possible. He’s calling it the Geek Road Trip.

This weekend he was in New Orleans and decided to pop along and help out at the Habitat for Humanity house DevExpress sponsored. He’s already done two full days: one just before Tech·Ed with GeekGive, and one just after with us. On our day we’d raised the frames for the outside walls, but just take a look at what’s been accomplished over the past three weeks. Today, he helped lay the shingles, baffle, and cap pieces. This is looking like a real house!

Thanks, Steve. Great work!

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