VCL Subscription Build 52 released - now with Office 2010 skins

22 July 2010

Just a quick note to say that we’ve just released Build 52 of our VCL Subscription. Although there have been many changes and fixes in this release, the most prominent feature is the support of the Office 2010 look and feel in the ExpressSkins library.

For further details on what’s new and what’s changed in Build 52 please go here.

To download, log in to Client Center with your credentials.

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Michael Thuma

Thank you

22 July, 2010
Bernd Heinsohn

Can you please give me some info about when Expressbars will provide support for Diamond docking zone selectors like those avaibale in Visual Studio 2008 for years ?

Will this ever be added to the product ?

Thank you !

26 July, 2010
Edson Pesconi

Perfect, thanks....

4 August, 2010

I did checked the bug resolution list, and still cannot see (and understand) that despite my bug report, nothing has been done to correct cxPageControl painting.

When you use any skin to paint this control, if you put the tabs position at "Bottom" (instead of top), tabs are always paint far from the PageControl edges !!!

5 August, 2010
Ronald Klitsche


the new Office 2010 look-and-feel introduces a different application menu with a smaller icon.

Besides, the new Office 2010 menu offers adding, moving and deleting of menu entries in the different ribbons.

Are these features already implemented?

Or - when this is not the case - will these features be implemented in the near future?




5 August, 2010
Ralf Mimoun

If you want to know what I think about out: where the h... are screenshots? I mean, it's about skins, that's as visible as it can be. We have to download the latest version, install it, play around etc just to see if it's worth telling hte boss/customer that we can offer something really cool. I prefer to see something, go to the customer and let him pay for me playing around :)

5 August, 2010
David Brennan

The change which would really make a big difference to us would be enhancing ExpressBars to use custom collections which properly handle inheritance.

All our forms and frames are built on multiple levels of inheritance and it is just not feasible to use ExpressBars due to its lack of support for inheritance (eg once you change a descendent by adding a new item then any new items added to ancestors will no longer flow down, etc).

Until then we can't use ExpressBars, we use Toolbar2K + TBX instead, therefore we can't use Skins, etc.

5 August, 2010

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