Announcing the DevExpress Webinar series: Watch - Learn - Apply

24 September 2010

TVs In Field If you’re in with the In Crowd, you’d have watched our inaugural webinar yesterday on Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC, presented by Steve Andrews. After ironing out a few issues with that initial presentation — we’re agile, we learn as we go along, don’t you know — we’re now ready to announce Season 1, as it were, of our webinar series.

We’re going to be presenting webinars twice weekly from now on, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The topics we’re planning are diverse: some will be related to DevExpress products (especially webinars on What’s New in our products); some on more general programming subjects associated with .NET and VCL development; and some will be “Ask the Team” type events. We’re even going to be letting you into the inner sanctum of our Annual Company Meeting at the beginning of December, where you can learn about what we’re looking at doing in 2011.

All webinars will be roughly 1 hour in length. About 45 minutes are reserved for the presentation and the remainder for a Q&A session afterwards. All webinars will start at 10am Pacific time (whether that’s Daylight Savings Time or not) — we feel that’s probably the best time to satisfy our customers around the world.

The point here is to help you learn about and understand the development environment we all operate in by watching our evangelists talk about and demonstrate their particular knowledge and expertise in platforms, IDEs, and development methodologies. You can watch in real-time as well as later on on the DevExpress Channel. If they were all just marketing fluff pieces about DevExpress products, you’d certainly not watch, so we want to make sure that these webinars are more widely educational and applicable. We want to help you understand and master the broader technologies and techniques our products require.

We’ve just published our initial webinar schedule. Take a look and mark up your calendars for the topics you’re interested in (Mark Miller on the Science of Great UI? Sign me up for that!) and make sure you register ahead of time. The page will be updated regularly to show new webinars that are coming up.

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