New skin chooser for traditional WinForms bars/menus (coming in v2010 vol. 2)

20 October 2010

Yesterday I revealed the new skin chooser gallery for our ribbon control, and so of course today the team sent me an image of the same functionality, this time available with traditional bar menus.

Skin Chooser with bars and menus

Cool, eh?

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Many of us change the names of the skins, how can this be handled in this system?

20 October, 2010

That is a really nice way to present a sub-menu.  Is that new in 10.2?  Part of the new gallery control I assume?  Would love to see a post on how to do that in XtraBars.

Great work - yeah, same ole same ole!  Brilliant! :)

20 October, 2010
Peter Thorpe

Nice one that's two things in two days I will be replacing with built in versions.

20 October, 2010
Holger Kammerer

Good feature. Like Neal said, we also changed the names of the skins. It is important that this is possible with the new skin chooser.

20 October, 2010
LEMMOUCHI Nacereddine

Nice feature, I like it a lot, but how to prevent some skins from being used ?

21 October, 2010
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

All: Check out the new blog post ( that shows how you will be able to change the skin names, should you not like ours.

Cheers, Julian

22 October, 2010
John Mark Olesco

where could i get the look and feel skin icons?

and how to implement that please help i want to know the tools that has implemented to put it in one container..

30 January, 2013

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