VCL Grid – new chart types coming in Build 54

29 November 2010

We’re preparing the next release of the VCL subscription, Build 54. This contains several new features for ExpressQuantumGrid 7, ExpressBars 7, ExpressLayoutControl 3, ExpressPageControl 3, all of which are going to remain in beta in this release. There are also numerous bug fixes and the like. The release is close enough that we’re merely proofing the new content (documentation, What’s New, etc) that goes along with the release.

For this first blog post, I’ll concentrate on the new chart types that have been added to the grid. (The issue ids from the support center are provided in parentheses.)

The Area Diagram (S36166, Q100583):


Notice here that we have support for missing data points (follow the red and green lines to see the break). This is in response to Q100583 “Missing data representation” and we support missing values to be shown as empty values or zero values.

The Stacked Area Diagram (Q100583, S35876):


We’ve also added support for transparency in the various filled diagrams, however this requires GDI+. (S36166)

The Line Diagram (S36166, Q100583):


Other changes: We’ve also made a change with regard to the stacked bars chart that’s already present. We’d originally provided it as a single chart type with rotation capability, but we feel that this is confusing to end-users. We’ve now split the two orientations as separate chart types: Stacked Bars (the blocks are horizontal) and Stacked Columns (the blocks are vertical).

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