VCL Grid – navigator improvements and autosizing of multiline editors (Build 54)

30 November 2010

Some more Build 54 news for the ExpressQuantumGrid 7 beta. (Stay tuned for even more news at the end as well…)

Grid Navigator (S34190). The Grid Navigator has been enhanced such that it is now equipped with a new section named "Info Panel". This panel displays information about the total number of records and the focused record's position, as shown in the screenshot:


You can customize the output format, as well as the text font, using the Navigator's API. Furthermore you can add an event handler for a mouse click thought the same API.

Multiline editor autosizing (S1105). We’ve enhanced the ability of the in-cell multiline editor to size itself appropriately. There are several possible alternatives.

  • imageIn-place editor sizing. In the edited data cell, an editor is vertically sized to fit the content. When editing is completed, the height of the containing row is changed accordingly.
  • imageRow sizing. An entire row (in which editing is performed) is dynamically sized when wrapping to the next line within the editor.
  • imageSingle-line scrollable text input. You opt to disable sizing for all items, or for certain items.

Note that autosizing is not supported by the drop-down editors, non-text editors, and input mask text editors.

Alternate hints for column headers (DS2174). As an alternate to the default hint, you can provide any explanatory text specific to the column in the hint window. This hint can be displayed even if the column caption is not clipped.


Performance improvements. In a multi-level View, data processing has been significantly improved. As an example, with MasterDetailMultiDemo, which ships with the product, v6 of the grid would load in 3760 milliseconds but the new v7 loads in 468 milliseconds.

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