2011 roadmap digest for our VCL products

02 December 2010

As promised in the webinar this lunchtime, I wanted to make sure that our VCL customers were not left out in the cold with regard to plans for 2011 despite our discussion for VCL occurring after the webinar was over. Here are our plans.

Overarching  goals

Like with our other product lines I talked about in the webinar, I’m first going to define the overarching goals we have for VCL in 2011. These are:

  1. Changing our sales and distribution model
  2. Providing evaluation versions
  3. Provide more content in the form of tutorial videos, webinars, blog posts

Up to now, we’ve had a crazy mix of how we sell our VCL products. There’s the traditional way of selling individual controls (traditional in the VCL market, that is) where customers buy an individual product and then get free updates for life on that product. The only way we can further monetize that product is to provide a major update which which we then charge for. Then there is the subscription model for the entire suite, where you purchase an annual subscription for all updates during that year, but you can use the package for as long as you want to even if you don’t renew. The latter is how we sell all of our .NET products and packages.

We are going to change this sales mix as soon as we’ve worked out pricing and discounts for existing customers. From that point on we will only offer three suites, all on a subscription basis. We’ll beef up the ExpressQuantumPack suite with printing and skins. We’ll add a new pack, the ExpressGridPack to contain the grid, tree-list, pivot grid and printing. And then there will be the usual full VCL subscription. Doing this gives us the opportunity to provide better and more increased functionality across the board, without having to ignore some controls in favor of beefing up the main ones in order to provide a more compelling paid upgrade. It also helps us retire old versions of controls and avoid the complexities of managing interactions between an old version of control X and a newer version of control Y. With all controls on the same upgrade and testing path, our job is made easier and you get more stable and robust controls.

Along with this change, we are going to move to a biannual release cycle for major releases with intermediary minor bug-fix releases released every month or so. In essence, the VCL team will be following the DXperience release cycle. and the major releases next year will be dubbed v2011 vol.1 and v2011 vol.2 (or 11.1 and 11.2 for short) and will appear in quarter 2 and in quarter 4.

The next big change is that we are going to restrict which Delphi/C++Builder/RADStudio IDEs we will officially support. For Delphi these are Delphi 7 (we know a lot of you are still using it), Delphi 2007 (it’s the last ANSI string version), and Delphi XE (for UNICODE string fans). For C++Builder, it’s C++Builder 2007 and C++Builder XE. (Of course, these include the equivalent RADStudio versions.) Doing this means that we can spend less time in testing and support for a myriad of compilers and more time in writing new functionality. 

OK, that was pretty much everything under that first overarching goal. The second goal has been requested for time immemorial, ever since we started DevExpress: provide a trial version. Goal 1 made this goal much more viable since it reduces the number of trial versions we should produce. Remember DCUs cannot be shared across IDE versions so every version of the IDE would require its own evaluation version. Three evaluation versions are easier to produce (and be more likely to be produced) than 9 or 10 under the old system.

The third goal is merely a statement that VCL is a first class citizen of the DevExpress product line and will participate in the usual customer benefits and services.

After all that, here are the plans for the two major releases in summary form.

v2011 vol.1

  • Provide evaluation version of our VCL components – first IDE: RADStudio XE.
  • ExpressPivotGrid
    • Support compact layout for hierarchical row values (like the WinForms XtraPivotGrid in v2010.1)
    • Extend summary types (for example, count unique values) 
    • Add end-user capability to easily change the SummaryType of data fields
    • Improve export to Excel – make it possible to export data in a simplified layout to support further data analysis
    • Improve OLAP support
  • ExpressScheduler
    • Increase performance by redesigning the data store
    • Add an agenda view
    • Add task groups and subtasks for the Gantt view
    • Add milestone indicators for the Gantt view
    • Implement a treeview-like hierarchy for events and tasks in the Gantt view
    • Add iCal support
  • ExpressQuantumGrid
    • Add grid design wizard
    • Improve data controller performance
    • Add more chart views (examples being considered: splines)
  • ExpressBars
    • Add VS2005 (and later) docking indicator to the Docking manager
    • Add Office-like color selection dropdown

v2011 vol.2

  • ExpressQuantumGrid
    • Add server mode
  • ExpressEditors
    • TcxDateEdit - provide a way to specify edit mask/display format
    • TcxScrollBar as a standalone component
    • Allow to use TcxImageList in TcxButtons
    • ReadOnly style
    • Extend functionality of Rich Text Editor
    • Add Windows Explorer breadcrumb editor
  • ExpressScheduler
    • Add an agenda view
  • ExpressQuantumTreeList, ExpressVerticalGrid, ExpressSpellChecker
    • Miscellaneous improvements

More details to come when I publish the full roadmap towards the end of the year.

90 comment(s)
Mike Stephenson

so there is no support for 2009?

2 December, 2010
Steve Haworth

Yes, I am most interested in the support for 2009/2010.  Will you just not extensively test in them, or no longer provide an installer for these IDEs?

2 December, 2010
Tomasz Łaszcz

I am also interested in that version was available for Delphi 2009

3 December, 2010
Jan Goyvaerts

Does this mean that somebody who has purchased a single VCL component (say ExpressBars) and wants to upgrade to the 2011 release of that component will have to buy a subscription to an entire suite of components?  I don't mind the subscription model, as long as I can cherry-pick the components that I actually use.

3 December, 2010
Claudio Piffer

Hi Julian

WOW!!!!! I am very happy for this news!

Best Regards


3 December, 2010
Rodrigo Coelho

Yeah, good news!!!

I'm anxious for new features.

3 December, 2010

Hi, the real goal for VCL future is a true SERVER MODE grid like .net grid and a better lookup editors.

Those are now very "chatty", without delayed search (very slow on remote connections) and have strong read of table lookup also when is not necessary. In a standalone app those is not a problem, but in large C/S or remote conn this is very very slow.

(I have reverted to Infopower for lookups).

Another my needs (I ask it from 2001) is editors with transparent background.

A part those needs (server mode and better lookups "in primis"),  Great Product!

3 December, 2010
Alexander Elagin

What, no support for D2010? Strange at least. Yes, I know, XE is just an expensive service pack for 2010, but not everybody updates every year just for the sake of updating...

3 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

Agree, cut off anything that is not required looks promising. The existing IDEs is on thing the lot bigger issue will be the 64bit and 32bit too at least for Windows on the new compilers. EMB said it - XE is the last of it's kind. I personally think there will be lot of work for you to find a way through all the new things coming.

@Jan, no

>>we will only offer three suites, all on a subscription basis.

Usually devexpress is fair ... from my experience. This bundling is very realistic.

Delphi 2009/2010 - I use 2010 as well as XE. I think XE wiill stay some time ...

Is ASP.net still part of the huge subscription? and will it ASP.net MVC then? I don't know the exact demand but I personally think this combination is still attractive.

3 December, 2010
David Le Franc

Thank you for these very good news !

3 December, 2010
Daniel Rail

We purchased Delphi 2010 earlier this year and will not be upgrading to Delphi XE.  We might be upgrading to the next version, if there is an official 64-bit support(not just a preview).

So, how would I be able to install the components, if there is no official Delphi 2010 support?  Other than having to try to install it myself and possibly modifying the source code, if errors do occur.

3 December, 2010
John Tilley

There must be quite a few developers who use a combination of two products that won't be served by either of your proposed new packs. So why not make the ExpressQuantum Grid Pack include a choice of one other product from a list? I need the Grid and Express Bars - I don't want skins and I can live without printing for the moment. If your offerings are too rigid then you will lose customers. Get the price right and offering combinations right and you will encourage people to buy and upgrade, if there are savings for them.

3 December, 2010
Iskandar Achmad

Yes! I love 2011 road map.

for my part I extensively using QuantumGrid and PivotGrid in many of my project.

Server mode and data controller performance is the true upgrade for QuantumGrid, and

Pivotgrid would indeed need to catch-up with .NET version of it and may be a little performance improvement will do no harm.

3 December, 2010
Ken Randall

I can't believe that you are not going to support Delphi 2010!

4 December, 2010
Dave Frank

Interesting. A lot to think about here.

4 December, 2010
Ilya S

Please, make DevExpress VCL compatible with Delphi 2010 as well. So we'll be able to consider buying it.

4 December, 2010
Stefan Johansson

What about the new version of TdxFlowChart with GDI+ support ?

4 December, 2010
Hüseyin Melih

Good to hear about VCL products. Improvements of the current products are good but we need more components like the other components included in .NET subscriptions(gauges, reporting[can be a little bit hard but], etc...). Please don't forget the delphi developers. And we all love you ;)

4 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

Move to XE. Summer sales will come hopefully:) Q2/2011 is vol 1.

4 December, 2010

Good point !

5 December, 2010
Dave Frank

For the Scheduler component, will the reference still be Office 2003? Or will the reference platform be updated to Office 2010?

6 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

I have a vote from a friend for D2010 support!

6 December, 2010
Ralf Grenzing

good news. understandable to support not all versions

6 December, 2010
Andrey Anoshkin

I would like to purchase/upgrade individual products, not a subscription.

6 December, 2010
Fred Ahrens

So far it looks quite promising. Fully agree with the decision to drop support for some of the older Delphi versions. The selection of still supported IDEs is logical and makes sense. ... and makes life easier on both sides.

But ... DevExpress VCL feels more and more like the "ugly kid" at DevExpress - this shouldn't be that way and needs to be corrected soon. Sometimes it feels like the next announcement could be that DevExpress drops VCL support at all.

6 December, 2010
Alexander Elagin

> Andrey Anoshkin said:


>I would like to purchase/upgrade individual products, not a subscription.

Me too, but I am afraid they have already made a decision to drop this model and force another - "bulk upgrade on timer, not when it is necessary". Sad, but it looks like this. I also dislike it, but what can we do? Either accept or stay with whatever we have already paid for and forget about minor upgrades/bugfixes. Reminds me of the similar approach as Embarcadero uses - roll out a new half-baked version of Delphi every year, instead of spending more time to make a decent one. Add to this the decision to drop support for many Delphi versions, and it more and more looks like a way downhill for DevEx VCL.

7 December, 2010
Markus J.

I dislike to buy a whole suit, when I only need one component. I really like the model from TMS Software, where I can just buy a single component. In my app, I needed a good looking Button control, and TMS offered just that single control.

Furthermore, I don't like skins! Designing an individual skin requires a lot of time (which I don't have). Not sure if it is possible to use different appearance for the same control in the same app.

7 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

>> dislike to buy a whole suit,

You have 3 bundles and every bundle contains the Grid ... this is why people are here. You don't have to take the whole huge subscription but in this case you have ASP.net included which is then ok. This is not unbalanced.

>>DevExpress VCL feels more and more like the "ugly kid" at DevExpress

I don't know, maybe the abuse of source code and somehow protecting the business is imho a vital point my vote is still a lot more XE plus the last of the new Delphi version and binary deployment of the components.

In 2 years - and now the laptops are already on 4GB up to 6GB and many machines also already shipping with 64bit OS while having 2GBs. You will need a good reason not to go via .net. It is not false to see the obvious.

D7 - has to be considered by MS like many old products in the OSes kernel, special behavoir - they will not do this forever. D2007 then remains, honestly you are better off with XE.

For me this is a transitional phase. The answer is not everlasting backward compatibility more a solid Delphi very 3 years and devexpress to built in more ".net" like general container bindings based on the ge Delphi XE languages capabilities.

7 December, 2010
Tom Mueller

An other vote for D2010 support!!

We switched to Delphi 2010 half a year ago and we will stay with it until a stable 64bit version of Delphi is available.

It is OK not to support all Delphi-Versions way back to D1. But you should support at least the 3 newest versions.

7 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

Tom, at least version 2010 because it is widely used ... Maybe it also has to do with 20% upgrade discout offer of EMB started today for the prof ... as the intention by most people is to wait until a clean and solid 64bit support is available ... 2010 this is then 3 versions back or XE.

2009, few people have.

7 December, 2010
Byron Baynham_1

Another vote for Delphi 2010

7 December, 2010
Dave Frank

@Fred - Don't know if I'd call it the "ugly kid" at DevExpress. I think I'd call it the "consistently declining revenues and getting harder to hang on to customers because Delphi marketshare is declining every year kid" at DevExpress.

7 December, 2010
Eamonn Mulvihill

These packs worry me!  I've spent a lot with devexpress and my thinking goes like this:

I need a grid, devex grid is great, $400 is a lot, but, sold!

I need a scheduler, devex is great, $300 is a lot, but, sold!

I need a spellchecker, devex has one, $200 is a lot, but, sold!

i know my thinking will become:

I need a scheduler, devex is great, but i can only get it bundled with skin library, flow charter and spreadsheet?  and the price has gone up so i'm paying for this extra stuff i don't want? no sale.

I need a spellcheckerr, devex is great, but i can only get it bundled with an org chart suite, an object inspector and a layout manager?  and the price has gone up so i'm paying for this extra stuff i don't want? no sale.

or if i do go for a pack and then need 1 component from another pack, i'll be forced to upgrade to the $2000/year option?

that's seems to be the idea, move from many 'cheapo' customers to far fewer wealthy ones.

so, i'm worried.  i've bought a lot from devexpress, love theproducts, and have probably sent as much on devexpress as i have upgrading delphi over the years, but this new model is very likely to be one of the 'cheapo's that falls away.

8 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

Eamonn - There is no USD 2000 option. It is a fraction and you have ASP.net comps too if you take the huge bundle...

I recommend baby carrots, so it is easier to read to price list;)

8 December, 2010
Eamonn Mulvihill

Micheal - sorry, I was doing the prices from memory (lazy i know).  

I should have said the $1500 option.  It doesn't make a huge difference i'm afraid.  

I'll try the carrots, didn't realize they had to be babies :)

8 December, 2010
Mark Stals


My yearly renewal of the complete VCL subscription costs me $600. If you don't have a subscription but several other components, ask the sales department how much a customer like you has to pay for a subscription.

9 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

Eamonn - just fun. It is not yearly, but together with the DXExperience and the VCL subscription, XAF you are on the right way, people will for sure rethink if having something additionally every year that does in most cases very much the same as DXExperience does. Delphi and VS for Desktop apps is to decide between rice and pasta - both carbohydrates in a light weight culture:) expect of maintaining the existing, it's legacy.

For me Delphi will have to restart totally, without thirdparties ... clean and solid underlying....

9 December, 2010
Michael Thuma

So why baby carrots:) Was inspired by


This goes little beyond a Delphi Roadmap discussion:). It reminds me little more of underwater challanges;).

9 December, 2010
Martin Lawrence

Delphi 2010 support for me too too please.  I have just finished converting my clients onto D2010 from  Delphi 7.  I simply can't take and use a new Delphi version every year.

Apart from that - great news looking forward.  Keep up the great work!


9 December, 2010

I'm hobby programmer and i need only grids and bar.

No subscriptions pls

10 December, 2010

With upcoming Subscription model, How about bug fixes??

I only need bug fixes.

Customers who only need bug fixes need to renew subscriptions every year only for getting bug fixes????????? NO!!!

10 December, 2010
Charalampos Michael

Nothing about Direct 2D :(

11 December, 2010
Mohammed Nasman

D2010 is must, many people didn't upgrade to DXE and I think it should be the min version of unicode support (As u did for D7 & D2007).

I have been asking for years about the support for the RightToLeft in the Grid, which seems will never come.

13 December, 2010
Rich Habedank

D2010 support for VCL products is a must in my view. Like others, I don't upgrade to each new version and likely won't until there's a 64-bit version. I use D7 & D2010/Builder 2010 (for unicode) and not supporting them in your VCL product line forces me to shut down usage of your products (and not renew my subscription) or upgrade to XE - neither of which is desirable.

13 December, 2010
Mathias Gerlach

I really need Delphi 2010 support, I can't use Delphi XE because some components by another company aren't available for Delphi XE. Also Delphi XE is very, very expensive.

Please make sure that the previous two or three Delphi versions will be supported.

15 December, 2010
Steven Hunt

Pertinent timing indeed. We're just considering whether to extend our VCL sub for another year.

BUT - No D2010 support. What?!

What other (Delphi based) vendor ignores the previous version? Really old versions, sure, but not the previous one.

Delphi 2010 - please, please, please.

Failing that, then at least an option to extract source from the installer and install the components manually (plus instructions!). I've always wanted this option anyway.

Delphi XE provides absolutely nothing of benefit for us so we just won't be upgrading from D2010 Pro. We already have a profiler, codesite and final builder. Why would I want cut down versions too.

16 December, 2010
Roeland Van Heddegem

And another vote for Delphi 2010

19 December, 2010
Stijn Verrept

One more vote for D2009/2010 support.  Recently upgraded from D7 to D2009!

20 December, 2010
Alastair Breingan

Dropping support for Delphi 2010 would also drop my support for your changes.... You need to support the last two (or three) versions at least!

20 December, 2010
Gerhard Stoltz

Support C++ Builder 2010 also, I do not really care about versions before that.

I do have XE Architect, but some projects stay in C2010 for a while.

I am looking forward to support you guys - keep it up.

20 December, 2010
Eric Schreiber

For those upset about bundle subscriptions vs. individual product sales, you might wait to see what the prices actually are before becoming too upset. Julian says that one of the reasons for the change is to improve monetization. It seems reasonable to me that they'll want to bring as many people as possible over to the new model, which means pricing these bundles at an affordable level.

As for supporting only some of the IDE's, I was affected by that back in early 2008 when they dropped support for D5, which I /still/ use on a couple of projects. I still keep v27 of the installer around for that reason. My D5 projects don't get the latest greatest DevEx stuff, but I wasn't forced to migrate those projects to a newer version of Delphi.

20 December, 2010
David Brennan

Interesting post and good to see there are plans afoot, thanks for that.

Having said that there appear to be some notable omissions:

- Right to Left  (RTL) support. Roll out slowly one component at a time if you must be it is well past time for this to be done.

- Full visual inheritance support for ExpressBars and their items.

New features are all well and good but the fundamentals also need to be taken care of. It is ludicrous that we have been forced to use Toolbar2000 and TBX2000 because ExpressBars don't handle visual inheritance properly. Particularly as we are missing out on all the built in menus for printing, grid customisation etc.

20 December, 2010
James Nachbar

Another vote for continuing support for the two most recent versions of C++ Builder (in this case, XE and 2010).  Many of us do update to the newer versions of the development environment, but experience has taught us not to get the newest version until at least the first bug fixes are out.  Also, other libraries might not be ready as soon as the newest version is out.

21 December, 2010
Charles Wood

Well, how about a VCL application framework as part of a full subscription at present prices?  That might show even more committment to Delphi users even if the money you use to develop it comes from the 'other side'.

21 December, 2010
Christophe Ravaut

And another vote for Delphi 2010 support

21 December, 2010
Francesco Faleschini

If you support Delphi 7 you must support Delphi 2009. There are lots of people using 2009. I just renewed the subscription and now I hear that I shuold upgrade also TeeChart (since the version I own runs on 2009 but not on XE), Devart's SDAC (same reason), Report Builder (same reason) + of course Delphi XE!

I guess 95% of people using Delphi 7 could almost seamlsesy upgrade to 2007, as 99% of people using Delphi 2009 can go for XE.

So if you take a strong approach lower the subscription cost and support 2007 and XE only, otherwise had support for 2009 too.

21 December, 2010
Leon Bemmelmans

Delphi releases occur every year. That's twice the speed of Visual Studio releases ! Software developers don't like to migrate to a new release every year, because it's expensive ( Delphi and 3th party upgrades ) and time consuming.  I usually skip one delphi release because of that. So I think it would be killing for the VCL controls of devexpress  if you only support the latest version.

My suggestion would be: support AT LEAST the last two versions.


21 December, 2010
James Rorrison

Another vote for 2010

21 December, 2010
Luis Madaleno

Another vote for Delphi 2010.

I will not update to XE. XE is what 2010 should have been. It's just a service pack.

I still have bad dreams with Delphi 2005 (Remember?).

I also have DXperience since for new projects I already use VS2010.

But the price is a lot lower then for the VCL subscription. And we get a lot more.

IMHO this is just going to make users not upgrading to newer DX VCL versions.


21 December, 2010

I'm very frustrated with DevExpress now.

Not just me, but many other D2010 programmers.

We used to love DxVcl but this is like a knife in our hearts.

No D2010 support, no DxVCL anymore.



21 December, 2010
Attila Fulop

I'm sorry to say you lost another Customer.

I'd upgrade QuantumGrid, ExpressBars and the Scheduler if it'd be available separate and for Delphi 2009.

This way I'll stick to the old versions.

21 December, 2010

Please don't drop support for Delphi 2010 yet.

21 December, 2010
Cid Benac

Great news! And thanks for noticing that a lot of us are still using Delphi 7

21 December, 2010
Stephen Sidwell

Please can you also add a TcxScrollbox component!

I have a monster project using ribbon and skins. The only thing I can't skin is a scroll box.

21 December, 2010
R Casey

Please add another vote for 2010 support.

21 December, 2010
Mark Wilsdorf

Like other developers, we are "locked in" to using certain DevX components (read:  those components are so inextricably bound into some of our application code, that switching to other components would require a major redesign).

Primarily, we use the QuantumGrid, ExpressSpreadsheet, and ExpressPrintingSystem. If ExpressSpreadsheet isn't part of one of the component "packs", are you telling me we'd have to buy the full VCL subscription just to have access to updated versions of that one component?

If so, that stinks. I'm sure plenty of other developers only make use of a couple components other than the QuantumGrid. For access to those components you're forcing us to pay a hefty price (the full VCL subscription)...or to leave.

By the way, unless the price of the VCL subscription is decreased a lot, saving the extra $1000 that I'd expect it will cost over that of the ExpressGridPack is a significant incentive to bite the bullet and jump to other products where possible....I mean, $1000 would greatly help fund the conversion process.

Reading between the lines, maybe this is what DevX intends. It seems they want developers to pay dearly for access to the less popular components (i.e., those with lower sales volumes), to help fund their support and maintenance. That would make sense to me...but with the exception of one small burr under my saddle:  I hate paying for "maintenance" which, in some cases (like the ExpressSpreadsheet), is barely enough to keep the component alive, let alone provide any of the enhancements users have clamored for, for years.

Some of the VCL components are low-volume sellers, less because the market is thin than because they've been treated like adopted step-children (or as Fred Aherns said, "the 'ugly kid' ") for too long, in terms of improvement & enhanncement.

I'd vote for DevExpress to open source those components which they seem uninterested in maintaining as viable VCL products. (The ExpressSpreadsheet is one of these.) This would allow them to dump all support & maintenance for those components.

Their business model for profiting from the open sourced components could include *not* open sourcing related critical components, which would still have to be purchased from DevExpress. (Example:  if the ExpressSpreadsheet were open sourced, the Express Editors Library would still need to be purchased from DevX.)

21 December, 2010
Eric Schreiber

Charles Wood wrote "how about a VCL application framework". I enthusiastically second that request!!

21 December, 2010
Carlos Velez Farak

Yo veo que no ay comentarios en español en este blog en cual puedo encontar comentarios en spanish

21 December, 2010
David Rosen

And another vote for Delphi 2010 support

22 December, 2010

Regarding the TcxDateEdit please provide functionality to change day / month / year / hour / minute when having the cursor on one of this field-parts and pressing the up or down-keys. Before passing to cx-controls I used Infopowers one and customers appreciated very much the wwDateTimePicker.

22 December, 2010
Tamas Kiss

Another vote for Delphi 2010 Support.

Actually, I am a subscription user for years and satisfied with the components and support (except my expressbars suggestion on Imagelist usage that is still unanswered :( ).

Currently, the VCL Unified Installer works fine with both D7 and D2010. I can't image a day when the VCL installer would rather suggest using D7 and deny installation for D2010.

We all know Delphi had its bad (better-to-skip) versions (D4, D6, D8) but I believe D2010 is another category.

Over the years Borland / CodeGear had very bad series of marketing attempts with reboxing single "unstable" IDEs into an even less stable RAD studio disaster. Later, we have been promised support for mobile framework, etc. which has not been shipped and at that time upgrading Delphi made nearly no sense.

D2010 is the version which brought back many developers to this market or at least made many MS-fans stop calling it names.

To save time & resources I think it is time to say good bye to the old IDE versions, not the latest ones.

22 December, 2010
Ben van Mierlo

I love the roadmap!

I can't wait for the ExpressScheduler enhancements (especially the Gantt view improvements).

I understand that you have to change your sales model.

You get a lot of value for the subscription price so in my opinion this is a fair deal.

A lot of people are complaining, but they have to keep in mind that it is in their interest also that the VCL product line has enough revenue to stay alive.

So keep up the good work.

Your products are fantastic and support is super!

23 December, 2010
Tonis Argus

Support for only 3 versions of Delphi sounds strange. There most be very valuable Delphi7 customers when there will be support for D7 but no support for D2010. For me seems that Devexpress cash income depends on some D7 users.

What makes me worry is question how long is Delphi XE supported? I have planned for my productline 4-5 year lifecycle. It means that there is big possibility that I'm using DelphiXE all these years. Devexpress grid and bars suite will be used the same way. My product has some very enthusiastic  users, they like it and I like to develop it. Could be that I will not earn no big money. It means that I can spend very limited cash for software. 5 years and up to 1000 - 1500 dollars, no more. And not all for one componentpack subscription. Grid + bars yearly subscription, 100 - 150 dollars, no more.

Here I see trend in software development with Delphi. It will not be cheap in the future what means that hobby programmers will leave from Delphi.

24 December, 2010

Another vote for 2010.

24 December, 2010
Alex M (DevExpress)

Just a quick confirmation on adding Delphi 2010/C++ Builder 2010 to the list of supported IDEs (thank you for your feedback!). Julian will post our official announcement on this subject and our roadmap later (this year I hope). Yep, I'm an early bird :)

Cheers and Happy New Year!

30 December, 2010
Christian Matusch

Another vote for 2010.

30 December, 2010
Denis Prince

One more vote for D2010.

30 December, 2010

I need support for Delphi 2010 too.

3 January, 2011
Mohamed Bengeloune

During all these years I have bought, many individual components. I don't like the subscription model, because you have to pay for what you don't use.

I suggest that uou offer to your customers, the ability to build his own packages. for example a package with at least 3 components, 5 components, 7 components etc..

Each type of package with its own price.

I think that way, it can be more attracting


4 January, 2011
Rommel Valencia (LN)

One more vote for Delphi 2010.

4 January, 2011
Jan Goyvaerts

@Michael Thuma: I can read what Julian wrote.  My question was intended to get DevExpress to think more about what they're doing.  They've already changed their mind about Delphi 2010 support.  Maybe they can change their mind about their subscriptions too and offer different combinations.

Right now I have only ExpressBars which costs $199 new and $99 to upgrade.  Moving to a subscription for just ExpressBars for $99/year is a no-brainer.  But that option does not exist.  To get ExpressBars I'd need to buy the ExpressPack subscription which is $499.  That's $99 for the bars and $400 for a grid that I absolutely don't care for.

I was planning on buying the ExpressSkins library so I can offer my customers more choices for the looks of the bars and docking in my apps.  Right now ExpressSkins is $99 separately, so bars + skins would be $199.  With the new 3-tier subscription system, skins is part of the top-end $1499 subscription only.   I have no need for grids, trees, org charts, flow charts, pivot tables, calendars, etc.  I don't do line-of-business apps.

I've been using ExpressBars for a long time so I'm not up-to-date on what the competition is offering now.  But $1499 for skinnable toolbars looks like they're pricing themselves out of the market.  The VCL subscription is far from "ultimate value" if I'm using only 2 out of 16 VCL components and none of the ASP.NET stuff.

I don't mind the subscription model, but it needs to be more flexible to allow me to pick and choose what I need.

13 January, 2011

>>I suggest that u offer to your customers, the ability to build his own packages. for example a package with at least 3 components, 5 components, 7 components etc..

Great idea. I only needs 2 out of 16

26 January, 2011
Bertrand Login

Another vote for 2010 support

27 January, 2011
Rodrigo Coelho

"More details to come when I publish the full roadmap towards the end of the year."

I'm waiting the news!

3 February, 2011
Christoph Brack

"However, migration to the new delivery model forced us to delay the release. However, I expect it to be avaliable soon, this January."

Today is the 5th February! When will it be available?

Why didn't you offer a VCL-pack without ASP.NET. Most VCL-developper don't need them!

5 February, 2011
Vladimir Ulchenko

I'm not going to upgrade from bds2006 any time soon since newer bcb versions are virtually unusable. so I need bds2006 support

15 February, 2011
Daniel Schuchardt

yea, great.

it would be interesting to get some more informations about the server mode grid. how that will be implemented?

17 February, 2011
Chris Mann

I was looking to renew / upgrade our subscription when the ExpressBars Suite v7 was released, to get the new office 2010 ribbon bar components.

But, we use Delphi 2009, with little chance of upgrading for some time.

I was always impressed with how many versions of the delphi compiler was supported in the installers. - It's a real shame that to upgrade our apps to use the new ribbon is now going to cost us thousands of pounds and a great deal of time upgrading projects to new delphi versions.

Thanks for the great products you have released in the past, though!

24 February, 2011

I've been a VCL subscriber for several year now and I'm quite happy, but please don't drop support for Delphi 2010!!! We need it!!!



28 February, 2011

DevExpress either support or let D2010 gives money for components that have no support. Delphi 2010 must be supported! I will not buy the update Delphi because for me does not bring anything new! DevEx quite goes on. NET and Delphi users treat us like disappearing species!

Delphi 2010 must be supported!!

7 June, 2011

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