Ask DevExpress webinar: Meet the VCL Team

13 January 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know that 2 weeks today, on Thursday 27 January, at 10:00am Pacific Time, I will be hosting a webinar with our VCL team. Register here.

Come join us and meet the team, ask about our VCL products, our news and roadmap for 2011, and what we think of the possibility of 64-bit Delphi. It’ll be a blast. See you then!

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- Possibility for RTL support in DevExpress VCL

- 64 bit compiler

26 January, 2011
Mohammed Nasman

RightToLeft support in Grid and Ribbon

compatibility with upcoming version of Delphi for Mac OS

26 January, 2011
David Brennan

Darn missed it. Didn't help that the email notifying about it only came out the day before it! (Despite this post saying the webinar was in 2 weeks time).

What I most want is dxBars to support form inheritance properly... or failing that a cheaper subscription that allows us to have everything BUT the dxBars and related components as we can't use them until they support form inheritance.

27 January, 2011

damn.... I miss it....

Can we get a replay of it ?

27 January, 2011
Marco Cittadini

+1 for a replay!

29 January, 2011
Christian H

I also missed it and would be happy for a replay.

I am desperately looking for a modern docking library/framework. The one included in the dxBars seems a little bit outdated. To make it short... Having the possibility to create a GUI which mimics the Visual Studio GUI (Docking with the modern looking visual hints, Working area with tiled windows).


30 January, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

Here is a link to this webinar ( ).

2Christian H.: We are going to implement the corresponding suggestion (ID: DS2222 - Add VS 2005 Docking Style Indicator to Docking Manager) and include it in the first major release this year (v2011 vol.1).

31 January, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

I apologize for the typo, this suggestion is scheduled for v2011 vol.2 since v2011 vol.1 will be released within a week or so.

31 January, 2011

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