Webinar: Julian on JavaScript II – objects, objects, objects

25 February 2011

I’m having a ball today writing my next webinar in the Julian on JavaScript series. It’s all about objects and I’m dredging up some great examples of why objects in JavaScript are well worth understanding and worth understanding well. Classes? We don’t need no stinkin’ classes! Watch to see why.

Southern Guilford (NC) High School Street Signagephoto © 2010 Joe Wolf | more info (via: Wylio)Remember: I’m approaching the whole series from the viewpoint of a C# developer having to write and understand some JavaScript code, so all I ask is that you review the first webinar in the series if you need to before watching this one. I’ll be kicking it off at 10:00am (Pacific) on Monday 28-Feb. You can register here and review the complete list of scheduled webinars here (here’s an easy way to remember that one: devexpress.com/webinars).

(Yikes! I have the third in the series a week later on functions: if this one doesn’t quite do it, that one will certainly blow your mind.)

See you on Monday.

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Davis tomo

You can also follow him on Twitter with the ID JMBucknall.

27 February, 2011
Lawrence Steeger

In the video's extend function, the word 'default' is a reserved javascript word.

1 March, 2011
Lawrence Steeger

Oops!  I see you found it!

1 March, 2011

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