Sneak peek: WinForms grid gets better unbound columns in server mode (coming in v2011.1)

08 March 2011

In the next major version of DXperience, v2011.1, XtraGrid is going to be gaining some more intelligence in Server mode. From that version onwards, unbound grid columns can be populated with data using expressions. In server mode. With the expression being evaluated on the server, not on the client.

The expression you write (or your end-user writes) can reference other columns and use many different functions and operators. Here’s an example of the Expression Editor being invoked at run-time on an unbound column in an instance of an XtraGrid running in server mode.


(Click for a larger version.)

There’s more new WinForms sneak peeks coming. Stay tuned.

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Will these work with the GridLookUpEditor as well?

8 March, 2011
Gustavo Marzioni

Will this feature available in XAF in 2011.1?

8 March, 2011
James Zhong

This feature is very useful for advanced users. Looking forward to this new feature and enough documentation/examples!

9 March, 2011
Mohsen Benkhellat

Does XPO support this or is it just XtraGrid?

My guess is it does, hope so anyway.

9 March, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


We use XtraGrid in XAF, so its features are available there. They may be not turned on by default, but it is always possible to access XtraGrid and enable required features. There is some example code for enabling unbound columns in XAF:

11 March, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


Yes, you are correct.

11 March, 2011
John Taylor_2

Can't wait to see this released... any idea when?

25 March, 2011
Klaus-Dieter Buchl

Hi Julian,

will this also include full functioning filters on unbound columns in server mode?

Current filtering is disabled for unbound columns in servermode.


25 March, 2011
Zisha Weinstock

I am already doing this for more than 2 years. See here

28 March, 2011

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