Advance warning: Julian on JavaScript webinar on Monday

25 March 2011

Just to remind you before you all slap the lids down on your laptops ready for the weekend relaxation – or the weekend gardening – I’m going to be presenting the fourth part of my Julian on JavaScript series on Monday 28 March at 10am PT. That’s next Monday at the time of writing.

Dog Wastephoto © 2008 Sean | more info (via: Wylio)This session is going to be all about writing good JavaScript, or, if you like, writing JavaScript well, avoiding all those gotchas that can make your code buggy and crashable. In order to do that it goes without saying I’m going to have to show some really nasty JavaScript (cue evil laugh). Call these examples the doggy doo-doos on the JavaScript sidewalk and you’ll get the gist of what they’ll be like. So come prepared to pay attention or you’ll be washing a mess off your shoes.

Of course I’ll be writing a wrap-up blog post afterwards here on ctodx.

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