Advance warning: “Julian on JavaScript” analyzing underscore.js on Monday

01 April 2011

Spannersphoto © 2007 Les Chatfield | more info (via: Wylio)Yeah, I know it’s April 1 today, but this is no joke. As part of my Julian on JavaScript series of webinars, I’m going to be reading and dissecting the underscore.js codebase on Monday, so that we can learn from it – good or bad – and apply that knowledge to our own JavaScript code. underscore.js is a great little pure (that is, non-DOM-related) JavaScript library that extends standard arrays, objects, and functions with some nifty methods. Register here for the webinar and come watch the spelunking.

This webinar will be one of those with, oh, roughly, at a wild guess, two slides in the slidedeck: the cover and the acknowledgements. The rest of the show will be in Visual Studio and Firebug and maybe jsFiddle. Hard-core hands on.

Of course I’ll be writing a wrap-up blog post afterwards here on ctodx. But you’re going to have to watch this one for sure.

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