Sneak peek: improvements for the VCL pivot grid (coming in v2011.1)

05 April 2011

The VCL team are readying the VCL subscription v2011.1 Release Candidate for this week. Depending on customer feedback of this RC, we shall be releasing the actual v2011.1 soon thereafter.

In this RC, there have been a few improvements to the pivot grid.

1. There is a new compact layout for the grid, aimed at improving the user experience. Here’s the before and after look and feel (click for the full image):


You activate it by setting OptionsView.RowTotalsLocation to rtlTree.

2. We’ve added a new Advanced Customization Form, to allow users, especially advanced users, a way to more easily customize the look of the pivot grid.


3. Not only that but we’ve improved the access to the normal customization form and the advanced form, by allowing them to be embedded in the pivot grid.


You can use the slider to the left of the grid to cover or expose the embedded customization forms.

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5 April, 2011

Great work! Becoming almost identical to the Winforms counterpart!

5 April, 2011
Rodrigo Coelho


5 April, 2011
Iskandar Achmad


This is one of that I've been waiting for

I have my doubt that it will going for 2nd release, but It's here now.

Great work!

6 April, 2011
Michael Thuma

Thank you!

We will have a sharp look - like!


6 April, 2011
David Le Franc

Excellent news!

6 April, 2011
Elias Zurschmiede

good news, very nice!

6 April, 2011
Ilya Nenashev

Now waiting for hierarhycal dimensions!

6 April, 2011
Doug Malcolm

Excellent. Thank you VCL team.

6 April, 2011
Stephen Gibbs

Looks great!

Any chance of being able to set a column's group interval and group interval range by right-clicking the field?

6 April, 2011
Django Dunn

Can't wait!

@Stephen - there is code available in the kb for implementing the group intervals.  The ranges could be handled similarly I would expect.

6 April, 2011

Nice to hear improvments. Devexpress shouldn't be fall behind VCL market place. There are many

7 April, 2011
Yeimi Osorio Valladares


6 September, 2011

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