Sneak peek: Visual Studio dock style for VCL docking library (coming in v2011.1)

26 April 2011

We have implemented a new dock style for our ExpressDocking Library: the Visual Studio look and feel (suggestion: DS2222). Here it is in action:

Visual Studio docking style

(Click to enlarge.)

Switching the dock style can be performed via the newly introduced DockStyle property of a docking manager instance (TdxDockingManager). The property values are dsStandard (the current behavior and default value) and dsVS2005 (the new style).

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Fırat Esmer

Nice guys :) Good work.

27 April, 2011

At last ! Very nice.

27 April, 2011
Callon Campbell

Looks awesome. Thanks!

27 April, 2011
Rodrigo Coelho


27 April, 2011
Peter Mellish


28 April, 2011
Mehmet Aktürk

Very nice. Thanks

29 April, 2011
Bruce Carroll

Great - please keep adding these features to the VCL's!

29 April, 2011
Mark Stals

Nice, but still in beta for the rest of the year I guess.

10 June, 2011
Francois J Rautenbach

Will this be available as standard in Expressbars Suite V6?

24 June, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

The dock style described above is implemented in our recently released ExpressBars v2011 vol 1. We are not going to add this dock style to the ExpressBars Suite v6.

27 June, 2011

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