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  • Delphi sneak peek: Skins, skins, and more skins coming in VCL subscription v2011 vol 2

    Today, a post about our upcoming v2011 vol 2 release of our VCL subscription that is short on words and long on images. Which is as it should be since I’m talking about our new skins.

    We have ported the following skins from our WinForms skinning library:

    • Blueprint;
    • DevExpress Dark Style;
    • DevExpress Style;
    • High Contrast;
    • Seven Classic;
    • Sharp Plus;
    • The Asphalt World;
    • VS2010;
    • Whiteprint.

    Before I show you the example screenshots, take a look at what our VCL Skin Chooser Gallery will now look like in v2011 vol 2 (as with all these images, click to enlarge):

    VCL skin gallery 11.2

    There are three images per skin to show you what the skin will look like. I’ve used ExpressEditors, ExpressQuantumGrid, and ExpressScheduler as representative controls.


    Blueprint_editors Blueprint_grid Blueprint_scheduler

    DevExpress Dark Style:

    DXDarkStyle_editors DXDarkStyle_grid DXDarkStyle_scheduler

    DevExpress Style:

    DXStyle_editors DXStyle_grid DXStyle_scheduler

    High Contrast:

    HighContrast_editors HighContrast_grid HighContrast_scheduler

    Seven Classic:

    SevenClassic_editors SevenClassic_grid SevenClassic_scheduler

    Sharp Plus:

    SharpPlus_editors SharpPlus_grid SharpPlus_scheduler

    The Asphalt World:

    TheAsphaltWorld_editors TheAsphaltWorld_grid TheAsphaltWorld_scheduler


    VS2010_editors VS2010_grid VS2010_scheduler


    Whiteprint_editors Whiteprint_grid Whiteprint_scheduler

    And if you’re still reading, remember these skins will be available for all of the Delphi and C++Builder versions we’ll be supporting in v2011 vol 2: Delphi 7, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2010, Delphi XE, Delphi XE2, and C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2010, C++Builder XE, C++Builder XE2.

  • Delphi sneak peek: Improvements for the VCL Ribbon for v2011 vol 2

    For the v2011 vol 2 release, we have implemented some much-requested features (as always, thanks to the customers who voted on these items; your feedback is much appreciated). First of all, here’s the traditional video (click on the image to see the animation) so you have some context:

    VCL Ribbon Improvements v2011.2

    Now for the enhancements. I’ve added and linked the suggestion ids for more information.

    1. The ribbon now automatically adjusts the size of multi-line editors to maximize the number of items/lines displayed (AS11330). By default, the RadioGroup, CheckGroup, Image, Memo, and Rich editors embedded into the Ribbon via TcxBarEditItem will now be automatically resized so that their contents (items or text lines) are fully visible. For backward compatibility, this functionality can be turned off if you prefer the old way this worked. To see the feature in action, watch the "Radio and Check Groups", "Image Editors", and "Multi-line Editors" tab groups in the video.

    2. The look and feel of the Microsoft Office check box controls are now properly reproduced in the Ribbon (AS13185). You can now change the position of the check boxes in check box controls embedded into the Ribbon via TcxBarEditItem. By default, newly created check box controls will have their check boxes positioned before the caption. In addition, clicking a check box will immediately change its checked state without moving focus to the control. These improvements can help you closely replicate the appearance and behavior of the check box controls in Microsoft Office. To see the new check boxes in action, watch the Check Boxes tab group in the video.

  • Looking to the future with our mobile support

    Recently, there’s been a few developments of note in the mobile space from Microsoft. Let me recap them briefly:

    Er, say what? Yes, as far as we are aware, both by reading links such as the two I gave and by evaluating the subtext, Microsoft don’t want you to continue Windows CE and .NET CF development but would rather you concentrate on Windows Phone apps in Silverlight. If you do want to do such pre-WP7 mobile development, there’s still Visual Studio 2008 and the Windows Mobile 6 SDK, but that’s it.

    Consequently, we feel certain that continuing to provide .NET CF support in our Data and XPO libraries is no longer a viable use of our resources, especially given the major changes to the markets we operate in and platforms we support. Quite honestly, we haven’t provided any new functionality for CF for a while and I’m sure that the large majority of our customers don’t even know that it’s there. (I’m the CTO and I was only vaguely aware of its presence.) Nevertheless we expend time and resources in testing it whenever we make changes to our data support. Hence v2011 vol 1.x will be the last version of DXperience that will support data provisioning for CF; v2011 vol 2 will no longer have that support.


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