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  • DXv2: Standby for Silverlight 5

    We have been working on a pretty amazing release for all of our customers and by now you have seen the depth and breadth of the DXv2 launch. One area that we are particularly proud of is our continuing work to support Silverlight.

    As is usual in these situations, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have been working in close cooperation with Microsoft to fully support Silverlight 5 with this major release and what we've done is pretty amazing. The bad news is that Microsoft is still putting the final touches on Silverlight 5 and it hasn't been released yet (although it is close, we understand).

    I'll ask you on behalf of Microsoft to standby for the final release of Silverlight 5. Once it comes out, we'll run our final tests on the released version and publish DXperience Silverlight as quickly as we can. In the meantime, I invite you to enjoy the rest of DXv2 including brand new features for ASP.NET, WinForms, and WPF, as well as CodeRush and our XAF application framework.

    UPDATE: Microsoft: No Silverlight 5 release in November from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley (30-Nov-2011).

  • VCL Subscription v2011 vol 2 beta now available–includes 64-bit Delphi support

    Just a quick word to let everyone know that the first beta for the VCL Subscription v2011 vol 2 is now available to those customers who have the full VCL subscription. The email notifying customers of the beta has just gone out.

    You can take a look at What’s New here and at the short list of breaking changes here. Depending on the feedback from customers we should be publishing the final release in two to three weeks.

    Possibly the feature that has the potential for most undiscovered issues is 64-bit support (yes, I am old enough to have ported a couple of products from 16-bit Delphi 1 to 32-bit Delphi 2 back in the days when we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to work), so we’d be eager to hear feedback from customers who are going to be targeting 64-bit Delphi XE2 applications.

    The beta does not support C++Builder XE2. We have been notified that the compiler/linker issues that were holding us back will be fixed in RAD Studio XE2 Update 3 (to be released any day now, if not already). Once we have the update, we’ll be continuing to compile/link/test our VCL subscription code with C++Builder XE2.

    Have fun!

  • DXperience v2011 vol 2: sneak peek at new webinar series

    Antique watch and calendarAs I may have let slip in my previous blog post, we’re close to releasing DXperience v2011 vol 2. As part of the release we have planned a series of in-depth webinars that will go over some of the new features in this important version. We’re almost ready to update our webinars page but I thought I’d jump in with a sneak peek at what those initial webinars are going to show. I’ve included links to the webinars so you can register for them right now. Seating is limited.

    And also … if you read carefully, you’ll be able to glean some information about various new features we haven’t officially talked about yet. Prepare to have your appetite whetted, but note I can’t say any more just yet.


    Tuesday, Dec. 6: Touch

    Presenter: Mehul Harry (in collaboration with CodeProject)

    Description: In this webinar, Mehul Harry will show you how to build next generation touch applications by DevExpress using Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

    • Learn how to build Metro-inspired applications
    • Learn about new touch support for DevExpress ASP.NET products
    • Learn more about what’s inside the latest product release


    Thursday, Dec. 8: XAF & XPO

    Presenter: Julian Bucknall

    Description: In this webinar, Julian Bucknall will demonstrate the latest improvements in XAF and XPO that will accelerate the development of your Line of Business apps.

    • See the new Application Server & the middle tier service
    • Learn about the improvements to AJAX & performance in XAF's ASP.NET user interface
    • Get information about the new Domain Components (DC)

    (This webinar will be presented live from the DevExpress Summit.)


    Tuesday, Dec. 13: Productivity Accelerated with CodeRush

    Presenter: Mark Miller

    Description: In this webinar, Mark Miller will demonstrate the latest improvements in CodeRush, released as part of our next generation of tools: DXv2.

    • Learn about how duplicate code detection helps you build high quality apps, faster.
    • See how to build office inspired applications in minutes or less
    • Hear how the latest tools in DXv2 will help you to deliver productivity, accelerated.


    Thursday, Dec. 15: Stunning Apps

    Presenter: Seth Juarez

    Description: In this webinar, Seth Juarez will show how you can build stunning applications by DevExpress.

    • See a mundane CRM app brought to life with a new user experience
    • Learn how to build stunning user interfaces that delight your users
    • Hear an overview of the new tools in DXv2 that help you to build powerful, yet beautiful applications


    Hope to see you at one or all of these webinars!

  • DXperience v2011 vol 2 will require .NET 3.5 or later

    Way back in June, we had a mini-summit with the various team leads discussing the just-released DXperience v2011 vol 1 and whether we wanted to change anything for v2011 vol 2. One of the resounding requests was to move our WinForms and ASP.NET webforms controls to require .NET 3.5 or later. I wrote a blog post immediately afterwards with this news, and the vast proportion of comments on that post supported the move.

    Modifying old typewriter for 21st century(Aside: our WPF and Silverlight products already require Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 so that we can provide the best design-time and run-time functionality. Of course ASP.NET MVC requires Visual Studio 2008 or later and .NET 3.5 or later anyway.)

    Now that we’re close to releasing v2011 vol 2, I thought it would be a good idea to remind our WinForms and WebForms customers that this release will only support Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 and only target .NET 3.5 or above. If you are still using Visual Studio 2005 or .NET 2 for those kinds of apps, you should start to make plans to migrate to a later IDE and run-time.

    Note that we will continue to publish minor bug-fix releases to the v2011 vol 1 line, just as we did when v2006.3 became the final version to support the original Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 2003 (and .NET 1.x). The new features and enhancements for 2011.2 have been written using .NET 3.5 and so they can’t be back-ported to 2011.1.

    And no, before you ask, I can’t tell you when we’ll be releasing 2011.2, just that it’s “close”. Everybody here is working extra hard to give you the best release of DXperience we’ve ever provided. Stay tuned!

  • DevConnections Las Vegas 2011–And they’re off!

    Just a quick post to say we’re here at DevConnections in Las Vegas showing off our packages, libraries, controls, and tools. Also some hush hush new features on our *cough*touch*cough* screens. If you are here, come by the booth and we’ll show you some sneak peeks, as well as show you how to create stunning full-featured apps that provide a superlative user experience and that you can easily brand with your own look and feel.

    In the meantime, here’s what our booth looked like 30 minutes ago. With this size of crowd, we’ll be hoarse before lunchtime!

    DevConnections 2011


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