DXperience v2011 vol 2: sneak peek at new webinar series

22 November 2011

Antique watch and calendarAs I may have let slip in my previous blog post, we’re close to releasing DXperience v2011 vol 2. As part of the release we have planned a series of in-depth webinars that will go over some of the new features in this important version. We’re almost ready to update our webinars page but I thought I’d jump in with a sneak peek at what those initial webinars are going to show. I’ve included links to the webinars so you can register for them right now. Seating is limited.

And also … if you read carefully, you’ll be able to glean some information about various new features we haven’t officially talked about yet. Prepare to have your appetite whetted, but note I can’t say any more just yet.


Tuesday, Dec. 6: Touch

Presenter: Mehul Harry (in collaboration with CodeProject)

Description: In this webinar, Mehul Harry will show you how to build next generation touch applications by DevExpress using Windows Forms and ASP.NET.

  • Learn how to build Metro-inspired applications
  • Learn about new touch support for DevExpress ASP.NET products
  • Learn more about what’s inside the latest product release


Thursday, Dec. 8: XAF & XPO

Presenter: Julian Bucknall

Description: In this webinar, Julian Bucknall will demonstrate the latest improvements in XAF and XPO that will accelerate the development of your Line of Business apps.

  • See the new Application Server & the middle tier service
  • Learn about the improvements to AJAX & performance in XAF's ASP.NET user interface
  • Get information about the new Domain Components (DC)

(This webinar will be presented live from the DevExpress Summit.)


Tuesday, Dec. 13: Productivity Accelerated with CodeRush

Presenter: Mark Miller

Description: In this webinar, Mark Miller will demonstrate the latest improvements in CodeRush, released as part of our next generation of tools: DXv2.

  • Learn about how duplicate code detection helps you build high quality apps, faster.
  • See how to build office inspired applications in minutes or less
  • Hear how the latest tools in DXv2 will help you to deliver productivity, accelerated.


Thursday, Dec. 15: Stunning Apps

Presenter: Seth Juarez

Description: In this webinar, Seth Juarez will show how you can build stunning applications by DevExpress.

  • See a mundane CRM app brought to life with a new user experience
  • Learn how to build stunning user interfaces that delight your users
  • Hear an overview of the new tools in DXv2 that help you to build powerful, yet beautiful applications


Hope to see you at one or all of these webinars!

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Neal Travis

Terrific... I am looking forward for Touch and Metro styled applications in ASP.NET MVC...

Also XAF Too.... I really want to learn XAF and build all LOB apps for my clients through that...

22 November, 2011

You guys are really building 2011.2 up.  I'm looking forward to it, but keep in mind that the last time I really looked forward to something you hyped; Verne Troyer jumped out of a box.

22 November, 2011
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Brett: All right, I admit it: you just made me snort my evening beer through my nose. No, there's no Verne Troyer this time; it's all on the up and up.

Cheers, Julian

22 November, 2011

Good to hear, Julian.  I'm glad you took the joke in stride.  I really am looking forward to it.  I think two releases a year gives you guys a lot more time to make some excellent releases.

22 November, 2011
Junior Thurler

I was affraid because DevExpress site was so many time with no updates and in some way I remembered Turbo Power company that one day noticed that will be closing operations and move to another market segment.

In that time I was using Delphi with lot of components from Turbo Power and needed to live with the problem of  no updating components from TP.

I feel relieved that DevExpress is not closing of something like ater this month of silence.

23 November, 2011
Vassilios Pallis

How much better XPO can be ? I am looking forward !

23 November, 2011
christy pirumova

great news :) waiting for webinars

24 November, 2011
Andreas Grabmüller

New application server and middle tier service? Wow, maybe XPO/XAF finally gets to a point where I can use it for my projects... wouldn't that be cool?

24 November, 2011
Mark Harby

So duplicate code detection is now public domain.

Is this the killer new feature Mark Miller has been flaunting for the past few weeks (Channel 9 ....) ?

24 November, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


Thank you for your interest in the new features. I would be more than happy to learn about your requirements and consult with you on whether XAF and XPO can meet them.

Please email me at dennis@devexpress.com

24 November, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


XPO will operate faster with detail XPCollections (see my last blogs at community.devexpress.com/.../default.aspx)


it will have nice improvements to both CriteriaOperator and tools. Please stay tuned!

24 November, 2011
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


Thank you for the feedback. Yes, try it as it can save you time and money. Feel free to contact me (dennis@devexpress.com) in case of any questions about our frameworks.

24 November, 2011
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

I appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the webinars, but I hope we can also get a few "bite-sized" ones that cater to my ADD and maybe just show one cool feature in 5 minutes. Also, I think there's a few more "mature" (aka WinForms) products that could benefit from a quick video or two.

26 November, 2011
Joe Hendricks

I really find the DX TV webinars outstanding and certainly look forward to these!  Listening to them a second or third time while coding keeps my project excitement boosted


28 November, 2011
James Zhong

Could you please upload the video to DevExpress TV channel as well?

20 December, 2011

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