CodeRush wins Dr Dobbs Jolt Award for Coding Tool

17 January 2012

imageLast week, CodeRush, DevExpress’ productivity tool for Visual Studio was awarded the Jolt award for best Coding Tool by the Dr Dobbs judges. The award undertakes to select the most innovative developer tool (such as editors, IDEs, code analysis tools, and the like) from the last 12 months.

This year, in no small part due to the extensive new features and functionality we’ve introduced in DXv2 – including the unique code duplication detection and consolidation – it was the turn of CodeRush for the top honors. As Robert DelRossi said, “The fact is, CodeRush is so expansive, so well integrated into Visual Studio, so darned useful, that it can be difficult to describe all its benefits. Particularly jolting to us this year was its new duplicate code detection, which deftly spots similar routines and helps you consolidate them into one. More than just simple pattern matching, CodeRush works out code duplication very intelligently.”

That’s what CodeRush is about really: applying code intelligence to help you write, navigate, refactor test, and spot code issues to be more productive and to get your applications done faster.

Congratulations to the team for such great work!

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Congratulations for a well deserved award! :D

18 January 2012
Jaspreet Singh Trehan
Jaspreet Singh Trehan

Great going....

Julian we are also waiting for this year's Roadmap; any updates.

20 January 2012
James Zhong
James Zhong

Congratulations! CodeRush makes .NET developers more productive.

28 January 2012
shark99 anna
shark99 anna

thank you for sharing!

21 February 2012

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