Getting enthusiastic about VCL Server Mode

11 July 2012

It seems that Nate Woolls is a smidgeon happy about the new Server Mode we added to the ExpressQuantumGrid in VCL Subscription 12.1. So much so, he’s on a tear describing it and how to use it on his blog.

He has two posts that are well worth looking at (and I’ll note it’s only been 24 hours since we released 12.1):

  1. “Blazing-Fast” Data Binding for Large VCL Datasets Here Nate checks out the speed increases you can expect when you switch over to using Server Mode in your grids, especially with very large datasets.
  2. Getting Started with Server Mode for ExpressQuantumGrid In this post, Nate takes a look at how to implement a grid that uses Server Mode. It’s a great how-to with lots of images to help understand the flow.

Thanks, Nate!

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Matthew Jones

I'll be much happier with it when DBISAM and ElevateDB are supported. I have a few hundred thousand rows that would benefit from it...

For now, I'm having to make do with remodelling my application to use the Tiled interface. 8-)

11 July, 2012
Bert Binnenmarsch

Hello Julian,

Server mode is a great addition to the gird component, but unfortunately it only works for certain databases and there are some other limitations.

In the wishlist there is a suggestion for letting all the cores of a CPU do the sorting and grouping when loading a grid. Could this be given a higher priority?

20 July, 2012
Michael Thuma

Thank you. I know it is not simple.

20 July, 2012
Julie Miyagi

Although I can add an EditMask to a field, it does not display the data with the mask applied. Any ideas to make this work?

19 October, 2016

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