Separate Installation of Coded UI Test Extension for WinForms Controls

29 August 2012

Based upon some excellent feedback from our customers using our Coded UI support, we’ve created a separate installation of our Coded UI Test Extension for WinForms controls. Why? Well, it’s because Coded UI is about testing, and it’s a little silly to make you install the full DXperience Universal just so you can run tests in your testing environment.

This new install includes a pre-compiled (and signed) Coded UI Test Extension binary, as well as the source files for it. The install does not contain assemblies for the DevExpress WinForms controls. When run, it deploys only the Coded UI Test Extension assembly and does not affect other assemblies. This makes it a neat package for deploying to your testing environment.

If you manually build our WinForms controls and sign the resulting assemblies with a custom Public Key Token, you will also need to manually build the Coded UI Test Extension (and sign it with the same key) in order to test them.

The installer for the Coded UI Test Extension for WinForms Controls will be available shortly for all subscribers of DXperience Universal Edition.

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Chris Goedde PDCO

Are there instructions for this installation.  Do we choose a registered copy and provide a license on all of our test agents?

22 January, 2015
Sangeetha M

Do we need to purchase a separate license to install in a test environment?

Because we already have few universal subscriptions (5 licenses)

19 October, 2017

We have 2017 Enterprise license to automate UI/Functional tests using Coded UI, is there any feasability to execute CodedUI tests from another test machine witout codedui license.



26 June, 2018

Can any once pls let us know how can we solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

26 June, 2018

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