The first batch of Surfaces arrive for DevExpress

26 October 2012

Our favorite delivery guy of the day turned up this morning with some boxes: our first batch of Microsoft Surface tablets. We sat him down and fed him cookies to thank him for being so quick, while we opened up the boxes and stacked the Surfaces for the Photo of the Day:

Stack of Microsoft Surfaces in the DevExpress conference room

It’s still too soon for an in-depth review, but we have been trying it out. The screen is very responsive to touch and everything is very fluid. We’ve played around a bit with the included apps, including the Office RT Preview that’s pre-loaded, and we’re impressed so far. The Touch Cover keyboard is great (and keeps up for at least my typing skills) and it’s certainly possible to hold the Surface upside down by the selfsame cover (it doesn’t come off). The power connection is not very “magnetic” and will pop out if you are not careful though. The kickstand is genius.

Seth and I both have one and we’ll will be happy to show off DXTREME on it at our booth at //build/ next week. Here’s an initial image showing one of our demos running on the device (and, yes, I wish I had a better camera):

DevExpress personal finance demo app running on Microsoft Surface

If you are at //build/ do come on over to the booth and say hi and see the demo for real.

Now to watch the others fight over the remaining Surfaces…

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You disappeared from my inbox. What is happening? hehehehe. Waiting anxiously my gift huh December. Hugs to all the great team DevExpress

26 October 2012
Anand Narayanaswamy 2
Anand Narayanaswamy 2

Looks nice. If you get more, please send one. I am in India and don't know whether the cost will be tolerable.

27 October 2012
san sri
san sri

hi pls can u tel me how to bind pivot grid with static data.

i tried using XML but i find some error in XML since i dunno about XML i couldn correct it,. so anyone can pls tel me how to use dataset to bind with Pivot Grid at earliest...

30 October 2012
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)

@san sri: Please use the Support Center ( to get a guaranteed solution to your problem.

30 October 2012
Toni Santa

My two hopes:

- Embarcadero will compile Delphi for WinRT (could be with xe4)

- Devexpress will provides us with FMX-based versions of most or all the great components they (you) have.


22 November 2012

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